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Dad’s Guide to Pregnancy For The Third Trimester

Dad's Guide to Pregnancy For The Third Trimester The third trimester is the final stage of pregnancy. The changes in body of woman are more prominent. Here a dad to be more conscious and careful about the mother as well as his baby that is yet to come. The 3rd trimester is very challenging for both expectant father and mother. If it is mentally and physically tough for an expected mother, then it is mentally challenging for a father to be. Sometime the expected mother experience discomfort in 3rd trimester of pregnancy because of position and size of baby. In this case a father to be also experience discomfort because he cannot do anything to less the anxiety and uneasiness of her wife during third trimester of pregnancy. This period might become tiring for both expectant father and mother.

When does the third trimester start


When it comes about what to know about pregnancy in third trimester then the first question that may come to the mind of a dad to be is “when does the 3rd trimester start” actually. The starting of seventh month is the starting of third trimester of pregnancy and it lasts up to the delivery of baby. During this stage, the organs of baby start to get mature and the size of the fetus grows large. An expected mother and even a father to be can see and feel the movement of their baby inside her body. The due date of delivery in a week-by-week pregnancy process comes to an end in the 40th week. However it is not definite, because the delivery may happen in between 37th week to 42nd week.

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Week-by-Week Pregnancy – What to expect during pregnancy week by week

If you are a dad to be of little one that yet to come, then you should learn in terms of what to know about pregnancy and what to expect during pregnancy. Following is the week-by-week pregnancy process that helps to teach the expectant father what to expect during pregnancy:

  • Twenty-eight weeks pregnant
    During the last trimester of pregnancy the visit to clinic will become more often. The uterus size and proper development of baby is frequently checked at 28 weeks. Join her every time when the visit to clinic is scheduled. An expectant father may ask any question related to what to know about pregnancy during last trimester.
  • Twenty-nine weeks pregnant
    During the 29th week your wife experience the less breathing, cramps in legs and back, indigestion, heartburn and itchy skin problems. Support her at this period of pregnancy or try to divert her mind in order to give her relief from pain.
  • Thirty weeks pregnant
    You wife is not able to sleep comfortable during the 30th week because of less breathing problem. She might hunt for the right posture to sleep comfortably. Assist her at the time of sleeping and go along with her into the childbirth classes.
  • Thirty-one weeks pregnant
    You wife will go through many discomfort levels during week-by-week pregnancy process in last trimester. It is the responsibility of a dad to be to pay attention and assist her to cope up with it.
  • Thirty-two weeks pregnant
    This is the last trimester of pregnancy and the due date is very near at 32 weeks, therefore you should be ready for your new member. Everything should be ready from medication to room of your baby.
  • Thirty-three weeks pregnant
    In the week-by-week pregnancy process, the 33rd week may show the rhythmic bumps because of baby bounce. Help her so that she can relax and massage her legs.
  • Thirty-four weeks pregnant
    She might be cranky and embarrassed when plan to step out of home because of her huge size. Support her and give undivided attention to her. Tell about your love feelings and respect towards her during pregnancy.
  • Thirty-five weeks pregnant
    During the visit to clinic, your gynecologist checks her for dilation of cervix in order to determine the baby’s position. Since the kick of baby is clearly visible from outside so an expectant father can also feel the baby kick and enjoy the journey of pregnancy for dads.
  • Thirty-six weeks pregnant
    The vaginal exam at 36 weeks is now conducted and the position of baby is checked in which the baby’s head should be down. The end of pregnancy journey that is nearly about to come not only for an expected mother but this is also the end of journey of pregnancy for dads too. All the arrangement in this week should be cross checked by a father to be along with expected mother.
  • Thirty-seven weeks pregnant
    Since it is 37th week and delivery may happen anytime so you should also be ready along with your wife in order to support her during labor pain. Also there is pressure in uterus, so your wife peeing all the time even in every few minutes. So, ensure that she drinks a lot of water and stay constant because it is as much annoyed situation for her as you feel.
  • Thirty-eight weeks pregnant
    Your wife may experience false labor pain which are irregular. Support her by just listening whatever she needs. However, the last weeks of third trimester is also difficult for an expectant father. The number of your doctor should be handy.
  • Thirty-nine weeks pregnant
    You and your wife will be obviously nervous at this point because you are just some steps away from your parenthood. Be with her always and enjoy the last journey of pregnancy.
  • Forty weeks pregnant
    At 40 weeks it may happen that your wife may overdue. Don’t worry. Relax and have patience. Support her as much as you can because she is also nervous just like you.
  • Forty-one weeks pregnant
    There are many women whom delivery happens at 41st week of pregnancy which is very normal. So if your wife is also in this situation don’t be worried about it. No pregnancy lasts forever. Stay quiet and try to make her calm and happy during this period.
  • Forty-two weeks pregnant
    It is the last week of pregnancy so try to be happy and makes the moment happy for your wife too so that she can get over from the labor pain.
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Since third trimester is the last stretch of pregnancy so prepare for every time because your baby can enter this world anytime. The third trimester of pregnancy makes nervous both expectant father and mother. Have patience and relax. This is the time when you can give a wonderful support to her in letting her get out of the stress of labor pain and delivery.

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