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Dad’s Guide to Pregnancy For The Second Trimester

Second Trimester for A Father To Be

Dad's Guide to Pregnancy For The Second Trimester The journey of pregnancy for fathers in 2nd trimester is little easy because would be mother doesn’t experience lots of up and downs as she felt in first trimester of pregnancy. After experiencing the early excitement and flood of activities in first trimester, the father to be and mother to be both seems to cross this stage without any problem. It is said that this is the stage which seems to be best for both expectant father and mother. The types of problems like nausea, morning sickness, dizziness get over and now both of them actually enjoy the journey of pregnancy for dads and mothers. However, things are continue to happen, therefore for a dad to be it is necessary to go on as the pregnancy steps forward. Some dads are still in search of what to know about pregnancy, what to expect during pregnancy etc. They don’t understand the first, second and third trimester of pregnancy. If you are also one of them then you also want to know “when does the second trimester start?” Below is discussed about it for the expectant father so that they are able to little bit understand what to know about pregnancy and take care of him and her during second trimester of pregnancy.

When does the second trimester start


The answer of when does the 2nd trimester start is the starting of fourth month. It lasts up to 6th month. The expectant mother feels the fluttering of baby. This process is called as quickening. This process gets stronger as the mother goes week-by-week pregnancy in 2nd trimester. This stage is very enjoyable for a dad to be also.

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For a father to be it is good to learn the week-by-week pregnancy process or what to expect during pregnancy. It helps a dad to be in understanding the physical and mental changes in his partner.

Week-by-Week Pregnancy – What to expect during pregnancy week by week

  • Thirteen weeks pregnant
    This is the most relaxed zone for both expectant father and mother. This is stage is enjoyed by both because both of you feel energetic. The major previous symptoms of pregnancy get over for good. The tummy of your wife is now appeared. Since you are waiting for the time to reveal this awesome news, it is the time for it. Plan with your wife how to do it.
  • Fourteen weeks pregnant
    Your wife might feel the constipation during the 14th week, so you try to include as much fiber in her diet as possible. You can think of other things like streamlining of your expenses in order to save money for your new members.
  • Fifteen weeks pregnant
    Since the size of baby inside your wife is continually increasing during the 15th week, your wife will definitely put on the weight. This thing sometime might depress her. Assist your wife to cope with it. To change her mood, try to do the things that she likes.
  • Sixteen weeks pregnant
    The 16th week of second trimester might show the movement of your baby. It means your wife feel the movement of baby which is also called as quickening. Go along with your wife for prenatal visit and enjoy the growth of your baby before his/her birth.
  • Seventeen weeks pregnant
    This is the stage when an expected mother feels her baby through quickening but a father to be is not. Don’t get disheartened, you will also be able to feel it. During this week your wife may experience some discomforts like increase in sweating, or vaginal discharge.
  • Eighteen weeks pregnant
    Your wife might get disheartened by seeing her continually increasing weight. Try not to comment on her as it may depress her. She might want your careful attention, so be paying special attention to her.
  • Nineteen weeks pregnant
    During the 19th week due to hormonal changes your wife has some blotches, dark patches and dry skin. If you really love your wife and want to be a good dad to be, then don’t comment on her beauty and weight. Enjoy this period together.
  • Twenty weeks pregnant
    Since you are also an expectant father, you should also join the classes with her to learn about child birth. It makes the great between you, your wife and your baby at 20 weeks.
  • Twenty-one weeks pregnant
    You wife might have swelling in her feet specifically at the end of the day. You always ensure that she drinks lot of water and take healthy die. During the 21st week you can plan for future by sitting together discuss about your baby that is planning to come.
  • Twenty-two weeks pregnant
    At 22 weeks the backache remains continue because the baby and the uterus is growing. To change her mind from backache you can play with the names of baby. Discuss about it and mark the names depending upon the individual preference.
  • Twenty-three weeks pregnant
    Since your wife is still struggling with the mood swings, be supportive and help her to cope with it at 23 weeks of pregnancy. Communicate with your doctor about the baby and your wife.
  • Twenty-four weeks pregnant
    You wife’s pregnancy is clearly visible. Feel good about a father to be. Read the associated books for your wife during the 24th week to understand what to know about pregnancy.
  • Twenty-five weeks pregnant
    The visit to the clinic will become more often at 25 weeks. Try to join her in every visit. Be as caring as you can
  • Twenty-six weeks pregnant
    Your wife can experience contraction in uterus muscles which is just like menstrual cramps. No need to get panic. You can start to prepare your baby’s room with your wife.
  • Twenty-seven weeks pregnant
    This is the time of week-by-week pregnancy when your wife actually put on lot of weight which might be disappointing for her. However, most of the weight increases due to increase in body fluids. Explain her that it is good to gain weight in pregnancy. If she has cravings during pregnancy there is no point to argue upon it.
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The physical and mental changes are different for every couple during pregnancy. Try to understand each other. Especially a father to be supports his expected wife in terms of happiness, anticipation, frustration and guilt. Since a new family member comes to your life, establish an open communication about the new member between you and your wife, in order to move further with positive wives in the journey of pregnancy.

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