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DAD TO BE Don’t Expect Much From The Mom Of Your Baby

DAD TO BE Don’t Expect Much From The Mom Of Your Baby

When talking about pregnancy, it is not only the female who is getting pregnant but the father to be as well. As there is a special guide for mothers to be, there are specific instructions for the dad to be too, since it was him after all that planted the seed and started this rollercoaster of events. From the day that you get to know about the pregnancy till the spinning of the umbilical cord, there is a lot that a first time dad needs to know about and this article will provide all the information regarding fathers and pregnancy. So take out your note pad and start jotting down points since it’s not going to be easy,

DAD TO BE Don’t Expect Much From The Mom Of Your Baby
DAD TO BE Don’t Expect Much From The Mom Of Your Baby

especially when you wife will become so unpredictable. You might expect her to help out in one way or another, but the expectant father should really keep any such expectations as the mother to be is entering a whole new territory – a very dangerous one.

Several tips for a father-to-be

The first thing that a pregnancy for dads guide suggest is that fathers take control of everything thing that needs to be done. The mother to be really cannot do things as she used to, feeling exhausted and uncomfortable all the time, especially in her latter months, so what the expectant father should do is to take part in each and everything related to the pregnancy and the house. This also helps the dad to be to not feel left out during the entire pregnancy period as the female gets all the attention. Of course this attention is well deserved as she is going through the toughest time in her life, so try to make everything comfortable for her. Do not let her get up and do any work since this will only cause more exhaustion which won’t be good for both the mother and the baby.

How the dad to be should deal with mood swings

Another thing that father to be should know is regarding the sudden mood changes that occur without any prior warning. A first time dad doesn’t really know what is coming his way when he comes home from the office. Your wife might start crying at one moment, shout at you the next and then again fall into your arms without any warning. The expectant father need not worry about such a situation as mood swings are normal during pregnancy as the increased levels of progesterone; estrogen and human chorionic gonadotropin are the main causes of these mood swings. While they are good for the baby, they can create hell for you. So the best thing for the expectant father is to not be alarmed and handle every situation with care. If you are being yelled at for no reason, do not argue and simply agree to everything she says. When she is crying, console her instead of telling her how irrational she is being. No matter what the situation might be, handle it with great care, as it is not your wife but the hormones doing the talking. So what the father should so is to:

  • Accommodate the wife in every way.
  • Cater to her demands rather than rationalizing
  • Fulfilling her needs, even in the wee hours of morning
  • Refrain from instigating a fight as this will only worsen
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Ignorance isn’t bliss for a first time dad

Furthermore read everything you can about fathers and pregnancy. There are week to week guides on pregnancy for dads where you can prepare for every day of the week and know what to expect and what not to expect. Educate yourself and become informed as it is always better to know beforehand if something is going wrong. This is also the right time for you to prepare yourself and the house for the newcomer. Why?

  • It is the job of the dad to be to make the house child proof.
  • The father to be will need to bring all the necessities for the baby from his feeding things, to bathing, cleaning and toys. Fathers and pregnancy can be really hard not only mentally and physically but can also cause a major drop monetary speaking.
  • So it is essential that first time dad should plan everything within his budget. Whatever things that are needed to be purchased should be in a certain limit as the baby grows continuously since dad’s guide to pregnancy suggest that a shirt that might fit one month may be small the next. Hence another advice for the expectant father; be wise while spending.

Expecting dads should know that during thing time you shouldn’t expect anything from the mother since growing a baby, then delivering it and taking care of it is not an easy job. The expectant father should help her out in every way as she is still healing and her body is in immense pain and discomfort. Try to do all the shopping and help her out take care of the baby as well.  Pregnancy for dads suggests that you might need to change a few things in the bedroom as well making more room for her in the bed and first time fathers should forget about spending intimate time with your wife for a few months.

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