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Be ready for the Birth – It’s wonderful to be a dad

Introduction to the problem

Be ready for the Birth – It’s wonderful to be a dad Being a dad is a great feeling, especially if you were able to support your wife during pregnancy, but you should know that the majority of your attributions are just about to start. It is a great occasion to create this bond that will remain after years, and one of the best methods to show your wife the support and appreciation you have for her.

Play games with your baby


Once the baby is born, you can create some interesting games for your child. If you want to understand what to know about pregnancy, you will have to create those games for your family to be entertained, and to maintain an atmosphere and love and appreciation.

Here are some other interesting games that you might want to play with your child:

  • The game of kangaroo is great for babies that have problems with colic, and it is a great idea for the expectant father to wear the baby in a baby bag. You can easily find one of those in the online stores, and a father to be must be able to play the role of a small kangaroo that carries the baby in a marsupial bag.
  • Make a bath together – it is not an easy task, especially because you will have to take a bath with your child, and the slippery skin might create serious problems. The best solution is to use a shampoo and a baby shower gel with a neutral PH, and to take the respective bath with your child. This kind of behavior will have a positive effect on the moods of the baby, but also on the mood of your wife and even on yourselves.
  • Be helpful in case of diseases – a dad to be must be aware of the different diseases that might appear for the child or for the mother. As nobody likes to see his or hers children diseased, as a father, you will have to talk with your wife, and to find the perfect method to solve the respective problem.
  • The pregnancy for dads guide contains a large number of advices for a father. Remember that your activities will be changed. If since now, your permissive wife allowed you to go out for a beer with your friends, this behavior might need to be changed, as the new baby will probably occupy the majority of your time.
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The babies need help with lots of things, such as the “smelly” wastes. It is a great occasion for the new dad to intervene, and to show the wife that he is ready for the challenge. One of the pregnancy tips for dads is to understand that the tasks are not that easy, and some fathers might be helpful for you to understand what to know about pregnancy.

Take as many photos as you want

Even if this role of the expectant father might be neglected, a person that is there, with a camera ready to take pictures all the time is important, and your wife might only realize the importance of this matter a few years later. A father to be must take as many pictures as possible, and your wife, son and relatives will surely appreciate the initiative for the years to come.

Read books with your child

The small babies are too small to understand fairytales, but they are thrilled to hear the voices of their parents. It is not of importance what you read, and a dad to be must know that the sports news or poetry is the same thing. The important thing for the child is to listen to the sound of the father’s voice, and the pregnancy for dads guide recommends you to do this at least once in a while.

A first time dad must not only take care of the child, but also of the mother. When the child is able to remain with a babysitter, meaning a few months later after giving birth, the couple can get out for a romantic dinner. It will be a comeback to the social life that will truly be enjoyed by the fresh mother.

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The dad’s guide to pregnancy guide recommends you to have as many common activities with your family as possible, and to understand that your life must now be dedicated to this.

Another important advice for dads is to understand the differences between raising a girl and a boy, the truth is that the difference between a girl and a boy are huge and that there are different manners to raise them.

Anyway, the father to be must understand that he has an important role for the family, and that his support is crucial for the years to come and the future education of the child depends on the way the education is made during those first years.

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