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What You Should Know about Your Last Week of Pregnancy

What You Should Know about Your Last Week of Pregnancy

It is very tiring to think of the previous months of taking in the burden caused by the changes in your body. As the baby grows, your weight increases as well. When the baby moves, you will feel it. This causes you to think that someone is living inside your body, your baby. It is normal for you to feel ambivalent. Especially during the last week of pregnancy, you are very anxious about the upcoming labor and delivery. You are very excited to see your baby for the first time after sacrificing the entire 40 week pregnancy period. It is normal to feel this way, most especially for those first time mother who strived so hard to fulfill their dreams by conceiving their first baby.

Your emotions during the 39-40th weeks

Emotional aspect seems to be in the state of dilemma. This is because you are being preoccupied with thoughts that vary from week 40 of pregnancy up to the delivery of the baby. Sometimes you might question yourself “Am I ready to be a mother?” and “Am I capable of taking care of my baby?” These questions would mind a mother who is not emotionally prepared. If the pregnancy is unplanned, the rejection of the baby is very imminent. This is because, you tried to practice all the preventive measures and yet you come up being pregnant. A 40 weeks pregnant mother is considered as term. If you are one of them then congratulations, you have successfully made it normally. There are women who tried their best to conceive a child yet they failed to do so. All they think and ask to God is to give them a baby.

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Being pregnant is not a curse; rather it is a blessing from God. Now that you are about to enter the last week of pregnancy you should be enjoying the last moment of your life with your baby inside your womb. The fetal development progresses from week to week. As the baby’s weight increases, you will feel different physiological changes. This includes difficulty of breathing and heartburn. If you will try to recall the days when you are feeling nauseated and vomits in the morning, you might suspect that you are pregnant. After all the tests done to confirm your pregnancy, you need to think of the upcoming changes in your life. Certain things to do before baby arrives always occupy your thoughts especially at the last week of pregnancy. This makes you more excited.

Backaches and other discomfort feelings

40 weeks pregnant also suffers from backaches. It is a burden that you need to bear. Frequent trips to the bathroom are expected because of the fetal development which compresses the kidney causes you to feel the urge of urinating. It is very uncomfortable to your part and we know how you feel.

What You Should Know about Your Last Week of Pregnancy
What You Should Know about Your Last Week of Pregnancy

Just ease your mind and do activities that can divert your attention will help you to survive the week 40 pregnant period. From the time that you found positive for being pregnant, you may also think of your physical appearance. Questions such as: “Am I going to look ugly?” “Will my husband still going to love me for having black striae in the face and abdomen?”. These questions are normally occurring to women especially at the final week of pregnancy.

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The 40 weeks pregnant woman may feel self-centered at this point of time. After all the sacrifices that she suffered, she needed attention from every members of the family. She just wanted to be love and cared by the family as she takes the final step for becoming a mother. Several changes in her body caused by the fetal development are the common factors contributed to this feeling of self-centeredness. In order for you to bear with this dilemma, you should refocus yourself, gather your thoughts, organize your entity and think positively. Coping mechanism is very important at this point of life. By doing things to do before baby arrives should be worked out by both partners. The father or husband should be supportive to his pregnant wife. This way, they will be able to learn new coping strategies and the acceptance of baby will be realized.

How to choose a baby name

Looking for baby’s name is another indication that the mother is accepting the role. She is preoccupied with thoughts that are related to her future baby. There are many things to do before baby arrives like preparing the nursery, strengthening the nesting behavior, explaining the important of “rooming in” relationship where breastfeeding is a very important activity to enhance the bonding between the mother and the baby. It is very important to explain to the mother to stay healthy by eating foods based on the healthy diet guidelines for pregnancy.

If you are now counting the days with your finger before your expected due date, you need to calm and relax. This way you will be able to enhance the coping mechanism in terms of accepting your role and accepting the baby as part of the family.

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