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What to Eat during the Third Trimester of Pregnancy

what to eat during the third trimester of pregnancy

Foods to eat during third trimester of pregnancy

The food taken by mother is the source of major nutrition for the baby so make to eat all the necessary nutrients to make the fetus turn into a healthy child. Development of the fetus heavily relies on the mother’s diet. Although care must be sought in what is eaten throughout the gestation period but doctors suggest intense care as soon as the third trimester of pregnancy begins. More often doctors make available a list of healthy pregnancy diet that can guide them through the most crucial phase of their pregnancy. Eating the best foods for pregnancy ensures the best outcome for both the expecting mother and the baby.Downloader La 201640

One of the major concerns of expecting women is what to eat when pregnant. They often end up in dilemma whether a certain food falls in the list of healthy pregnancy diet. Holding on to a food guide is important to prevent eating foods that are considered unhealthy. Following are the recommendations for best foods for pregnancy.


Carbohydrates are responsible for maintaining sufficient energy levels in your body. Whole Grains are the best source for these energy rich carbohydrates, vitamin B, proteins and other necessary minerals. Eating grains for nine months may not sound very exciting but taking it in different forms will also work. If you do not feel like having whole grain cereals someday, you may switch to whole wheat pasta or whole wheat bread to change the taste. Cooked rice also makes up as the healthy diet for pregnant women. Incorporating whole grain flour into your diet during pregnancy ensures the deliverance of optimum nutrition to the mother’s body and the fetus.

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Do not hesitate in incorporating vegetables into the list of good foods to eat while pregnant. They are a source of must-have minerals and vitamins during pregnancy. Leafy vegetables are considered very nutritious. Schedule your diet plan with more of the green vegetables like spinach and broccoli. Eating carrots ensures a healthy pregnancy. Dry beans are also considered as best foods for pregnancy.what to eat during the third trimester of pregnancy

Fresh fruits

Do you wonder what to eat when pregnant especially in the third trimester of pregnancy? One best option is to go for plenty of fruits. Fresh fruit juices and a regular bowl of fruit salad having apples, mangoes, oranges, pineapples and apricots can provide you optimum level of nutrition.

Poultry and beans

Baby grows fast during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. Sufficient levels of protein are required to sustain the normal growth of the baby. Meat and beans make up the best protein source and the best food options for third trimester of pregnancy. Fish consists of omega-3 which aids in providing enough nutrition to ensure healthy brain development of the child. It is advisable to opt for lean meat. Take it in any form you prefer. You may want to bake it or grill it- the choice is yours.

Maintain Healthy eating habits during third trimester

In third trimester of pregnancy, eating healthy becomes crucial. As the fetus is growing larger, mother feels a pressure on her stomach due to which eating habits undergo a change. The appetite falls and stomach feels full after eating a little food. This causes a decline in the in-take of nutrients necessary for the growth of the baby. It is important to maintain healthy eating habits. Instead of stuffing in food, it is better to eat little but make sure that the total calorie intake is not compromised. Keep taking snacks frequently. Otherwise, the baby may not get the required nourishment to grow properly.

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Foods to avoid in third trimester of pregnancy

What to eat when pregnant in third trimester and what foods should be avoided is one of the main concerns of pregnant women. They should maintain an intake of vegetable oils and avoid solid fats like butter and margarine.

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Although high quantities of salt should be avoided throughout the pregnancy but during third trimester it’s intake should be significantly lowered. Higher sodium intake levels contribute to high blood pressure which can get fatal.

It is better to cook vegetables rather than eating them raw. Raw vegetables produce gas which could be uncomfortable for women in third trimester of pregnancy. Sauté vegetables before you eat them to avoid unpleasant gastric sensation.

Spicy foods should be avoided to fight heartburn in the third trimester of pregnancy. During the late pregnancy phase, baby takes up much of the space in the abdomen and affects the functionality of other organs. Spicier foods can aggravate indigestion which is definitely not acceptable in the final three months of the pregnancy. Artificial sweeteners and foods with added sugars should be avoided in third trimester of pregnancy because they add to the calorie without providing sufficient nutrients. It is not only about what to eat while pregnant but you should focus on drinking fluids as well. The foods to eat during pregnancy must be nutritious and healthy to help your body prepare for the labour and to make your child healthy.

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