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Top 5 Tips for the Final Week of Pregnancy

Introduction to the last week of gestation

Top 5 Tips for the Final Week of Pregnancy Most of the pregnant women are becoming anxious for the upcoming labor process and delivery of the baby. They are preoccupied with the thoughts of pain. At this point of time, they can consider some helpful tips for pregnancy in order for them to survive the final week of gestation. There are so many things that they need to do before the arrival of the baby. Most of these require them to actively participate with planning and implementation. It will help them to counteract the discomforts and refocus with other concerns over the impending labor and delivery.

Prepare your things

The most important part for the final week of gestation is the preparation of the things needed in the hospital. This includes the clothes of the baby, foods and other pregnancy survival kit. It will help them to survive from the upcoming events of her life. It is highly suggested that pregnant woman should start planning this at the last month of pregnancy. They can have their own checklist or asking from their doctor about the possible things needed for hospitalization. Foods should be ready since, it will be hard for them to prepare food. It is not recommended to eat foods from the fast food chains because of the effects to the health. We recommend them to buy the clothes of the baby as soon as possible. Once the baby is brought to the nursery department, the baby needs clothing to protect them from the changing temperature. It is hard for them to adjust from the changing external environment. The pregnancy survival kit is very useful during the labor process.

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Installing the car seat system

Another very important thing that they need to prepare for the arrival of the baby is to secure the safety for travel. Most of the hospital will not allow the family to bring home the baby if they fail to show the car seat system. The purpose for this is to secure the baby. The pregnant mother should start inquiring from the specialty store or fire station about installing the car seat. This way, they will be able to comply for the needed requirement and prevents them from hassles.

Preparing the baby’s room

It is very important that the nursery room of the baby should be properly arranged. The position of the crib, toys, baby’s clothes and other items should be in proper place. Once the nursery room is ready for the occupancy of the baby, it will lessen their time from the stress of unprepared room for the baby. Hence, it also increases the focus of the mother for taking care of baby instead of arranging and preparing the room for the baby. It is very important that the pregnant mother should plan this together with her partner for about last 10 weeks of pregnancy period.

Foods and Supplements

As the pregnant mother prepares herself for the upcoming delivery, she should also consider foods and supplements as part of the things that they need to prepare. Supplements such as vitamins and minerals are very important for the mother. She will bare her might to deliver a healthy baby, therefore she need enough energy. One way of replenishing the used energy of the mother is to eat healthy foods and take supplements. The important of vitamins and minerals is very crucial at this stage of pregnancy. The mother can also delegate the task to other members of the family for preparing the food. Otherwise, they will end up eating foods from fast chains which are not healthy wise and can probably demise the recovery period of the mother.

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Cleaning the room

Since the baby is arriving soon, it is best for the pregnant mother to clean the room during the final week of gestation. She needs to make sure that the room is well-lighted and well-ventilated. The ceiling, walls, floors and windows should be free from dirt. The baby is very sensitive and since their immune system is not fully developed, therefore they have a greater chance to adopt illnesses causing diseases easier. We need to prevent this by cleaning the room of the baby as early as possible. The pregnant mother can also ask help from the family in assisting them for cleaning the baby’s room. Make sure that the baby is safe and comfortable in the room. It will be so unlikely for them to sleep in a room full of dust. This can affect the health and well-being of the baby.

These five helpful tips of pregnancy are very important because it helps the mother to refocus her mind from being preoccupied with the labor process into preparing the things needed for the arrival of the baby. They can also use this as a sort of exercises which are very helpful for alleviating the discomforts of pregnancy. It is best for them to plan ahead of time so that they can increase their time for taking care of the baby instead of doing things which should be done earlier.

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