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A guide to the last month of pregnancy

The partner’s body changes during the last month of gestation

A guide to the last month of pregnancy We all know that the baby’s weight is surging in the last month of pregnancy. This is the main reason why most of the 39 weeks pregnant woman is suffering from back aches. As the baby grows, the weight of the pregnant woman becomes unstable. They need to balance their weight because of the changing source of gravity. Hence, they tend to get tired easily than before. If this case happens, all you need to do is to execute some minimal active exercises such as brisk walking and some mild stretches that can relieve exhausted muscles. In the last week of pregnancy, there are pregnant women who suffer from discomfort in their pelvic joints because of the ligaments that are physiologically loosening to prepare for the upcoming labor. During humid seasons, expect that your feet are swollen. Therefore, at 9 months pregnancy, you need to wear loose shoes to give extra spaces for your feet. The baby is coming out soon, so you have to grab most of the time for resting. It may be hard for you to acquire sufficient sleep but you can also consider taking morning naps and placing your feet up.

Descending of the baby through the last month of pregnancy

Expect that the baby’s head which is higher than the brim of your pelvis will descend at 9 months pregnancy. It will move down into the pelvic area. This is the main reason why most pregnant women may experience a lighter pressure in their upper abdomen. You will also realize that the occurrence of heartburn and difficulty of breathing is lessened. As the baby descends, the organ in the upper part of the body will have enough space for expansion. However, the pressure is now beard at the lower portion of the body causing discomfort at the thighs and legs. The kidney is compressed and you should expect increasing urinary frequency. All you need to do is to bear the pressure and regular warm baths. At the final weeks of pregnancy, the baby is compressing the uterus and fixing itself into a more stable position. This time, you might realize that the fetal movement is minimized. It is normal unless there is a drastic changes and this must be referred to your OB – gynecologist.

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Planning for the last four weeks of pregnancy

A 9 months pregnant woman should file a maternal leave from work. Ideally, you need to exclude yourself from work for about last few weeks of pregnancy. There are women who may decide to have a leave during the last 2 weeks of pregnancy. However, you need to avoid overdoing yourself. At this point of time, you should be resting and preparing yourself for the upcoming labor and delivery. You need to prepare the things needed for your baby including the clothes. You should also consider making a plan for your hospitalization and if possible delegate some of your important tasks to other members of the family. Focus to your condition and be ready to deliver a safe and healthy baby.

Perception about pregnancy and childbirth

A 39 weeks pregnant woman should start packing their needed things for the delivery of the baby. If you still have time to visit your gynecologist or prenatal nurse, you inquire about the appropriate things to bring in the hospital. You can buy a labor kit which is a set of supplies that can aid you all throughout the labor process. If possible, do this during the last month of pregnancy. It gives you extra time to think optimally. There are pregnant woman as well who plans things at the last week of pregnancy. But to avoid cramming, you must prepare in advance. During the active labor, you will be experiencing painful contractions that become stronger as the labor progress. A 9 months pregnant woman should know that the cervix changes. It becomes soft and shorter. This is a physiologic response for the impending labor process.

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A 9 months pregnant woman should expect a bloody show at the beginning as a start or indication of her labor process. If massive bleeding occurs, you need to report it to the obstetrician. During the last week of pregnancy, you need to consider organizing your phonebook. This is not obligatory but we highly suggest you to do so. A 39 weeks pregnant woman should have this because they can easily contact someone if emergency situation arises. This way, you can also contact significant others for support system. At the last month of pregnancy, you have to prepare your financial concerns. This is to let you focus on the impending labor instead of worrying for the expenses. Finally, at 9 months pregnancy, be ready for the name of your baby. Sometimes, a pregnant woman chooses the name of the baby right after they know the gender. This way, it will be easier for the health care personnel to record the important details of the baby.

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