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How to Choose the Best Postpartum Girdle

Postpartum girdle: Getting to know the details

How to Choose the Best Postpartum Girdle Over the years postpartum girdle products have gained enormous popularity among the new mothers, not only for style and as a body shapewear but also as an effective tool for abdominal support and as a pain reliever. These belly wrap products are marketing with a twofold purpose, best shapewear and providing mothers with much needed physical support and reducing pain. But these postpartum girdle products aren’t any universal remotes. These are merely tools mothers can use sometimes after accomplishing their regular diets and exercises.

These post pregnancy belly wrap products are light weight, comes with high adjustability. They are made from high end stretchable materials such as- polyester, elastic, cotton, spandex and nylon. Postpartum girdle products are also called abdominal binder, belly wrap belly binder, belly belt etc.

Postpartum girdles helping to shrink stomachs: The reality

It is a fact that, during pregnancy, women’s internal organs don’t actually stay in their precise position. To make room for the baby and upcoming changes organs are slightly displaced. For example, both the small and large bowel shift places. The diaphragm and stomach slightly moves. All of the ligaments and muscles are stretched. After the delivery it takes time to get everything back in their exact position.

These days, a group of women and doctors would swear on the amazing capabilities these postpartum belly wrap products can offer. Some claim these girdles for women help to move the organs back into their places really fast. Many people say that the postpartum girdle can get the mothers back to their old slimmer body in no time. There haven’t been much official studies on the postpartum girdle products. So, for your best interest, ask your doctor for approval.

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Why women agree on wearing Postpartum girdles

Despite of all the confusion and false information, women all over the world have agreed on some amazing advantages by these products aside from the styling purpose. These products are quite capable of providing extra protection and support in the abdominal region, thus relieving the mothers of severe abdominal pain, back pain and incision pain. These belly wrap products straighten the lower back and at the same time compresses the abdomen. Mothers with cesarean section can benefit a lot from the much needed belly compression these belly belts can provide.

Various types of Postpartum Girdles

Different postpartum girdles mean compression on different levels. Some postpartum girdles are just a belt that goes around the whole back and then joints in the front. There are other products which look like body shaping underwear and also come with the smoothing and flattening feature. There are other post pregnancy belly wrap products looking like body suits. Also you can find mid-thigh girdles. This product lets you decide how much to extend up in the abdominal region and down the thighs. You will receive the best kind of compression from the standard belly wrap. It expands less than the lycra type girdles. It is now up to you to decide which postpartum girdle you want to go for. Think carefully about what level of comfort you want, and choose your body shaper accordingly. Remember, these things are very costly.

Postpartum Girdle Recommendations

To serve your best interest, you better go for the reputed brands in the market. There quite a few decent choices available in the market. Such as- Gabrialla, Underworks, Medela, Bellefit, Amon, Belly Bandit, Loving Comfort, Vedette and AbdoMend.

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Pregnancy girdles are generally classified into 3 categories- medical compression garments, shapewear, and maternity wear. Each kind holds different set of price tags. Here are some recommendations.

  • Bellefit: The perfect maternity girdles at reasonable price. Contemporary designs with a little nude shed. These are available in different accessories and options. Best shapewear with great comfort and abdominal muscle relaxation feature.
  • Amon’s Forgive Postpartum Girdles: Amon offers simplicity within affordable budget. The Forgive panty is basic but a pull up styled gridle. The supremely comfortable nylon spandex mixed fabric is easy to wear and lets the skin breathe. On physical support, this girdle is a little low.
  • Postpartum Support Girdle by Gabriella: Gabriella’s latest postpartum girdle provides incredible abdominal and hip support for mothers with both vaginal and C-section delivery. Also classic designed best shapewear comes with a fine construction of cotton, nylon and elastic. At the crotch area you’ll find 2 hook closures for convenience.
  • Leonisa’s Brief Panty Compressed Body Shaper: Leonisa has brought the word, ‘Sexy” in the postpartum girdle world. With the incredible standard slick and black issue along with a nude version, the new Leonisa girdles seem to be a corset-style lingerie committed to recover mothers from the postpartum trauma. The girdle is super breathable with its special micro fiber fabric on the inside. Also with the front closure system, it’d be easier for mothers with C-sections to use the product.
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