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What Is the Alexander Technique

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What Is the Alexander Technique So, do you have any idea about what the Alexander Technique is? Well, it is an educational process that helps pregnant women to be a lot more comfortable in their bodies and to move with ease. In a broader sense. It is a method that could help you become more aware and change all of your habits causing you undue stress in your life. This technique will then start with the simple changes in your habitual ways in which you hold down your bodies and move through the space. With both experience and practice, the process could be applied in all areas of your life.

Moreover, if you are one of those people who would like to know what is the Alexander technique about, it could be something that you always wanted to experience. It is actually a holistic care advocate you want to learn about the alternative healing protocols, which has the merit and simply enjoys a wonderful reputation in that regards. However, not many people actually seem to know more about it.

What is the Alexander technique training suggested for


  • Pain and stress relief;
  • Self-healing and awareness;
  • Improved balance;
  • More grace and poise;
  • Ease of coordination and movement;
  • Integration of spirit, mind and body;
  • Self-care tools;
  • Increased energy and flexibility;
  • It gives ways on how to cure back pain.
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The creator of Alexander technique exercises

The Alexander Method was created by F. Matthias Alexander, who happens to be an Australian actor. He had developed severe laryngitis in the prime of his career. When the voice teachers as well as physicians were not able to give you effective and long-term solutions, he then started studying himself. He believed that he must be doing something that will cause his difficulties and determined that he was actually doing something. Unconsciously, he was pulling his head back and down onto the spine habitually. Well, it causes contraction of his entire torso, creating excess tension on his larynx that led down to laryngitis.

The technique is actually the process that he used to become aware and correct his ‘misuse’ of curing his vocal issues. The implications of the work simply turned out being greater than solving his medical issue. At the start, he shared his own technique with the fellow actors who have similar vocal as well as breathing troubles. It has been clear that ailments have been resolved by using the technique and he started receiving referrals from physicians and colleagues as well. As times went by, there has been AmSAT or the so called American Society for the Alexander Technique, as lots and lots of people, especially pregnant women started using it.

The benefits of Alexander technique training

Lots of people who are not familiar with this method often ask about the benefits that it provides. If you happen to be one of those, here are those:

  • Improved posture – there is the Alexander technique posture that you would learn. Find a teacher who could teach you about this technique and make it sure that he or she is reliable enough to entrust the goodness of your body. Keep in mind that most people slump in front of what they do or in front of their computers. The usual computer posture includes poking the neck towards the screen that could compress the spine from the top up to bottom. By learning this technique lessons, you would be able to know how to release the tension in your neck and your head would naturally move upwards. Simply let your head to take your spine up too. Overstated curves of your spine would be lessened as well. You will not collapse and your shoulders would sit back upon your previously collapsed rib cage without pushing your shoulders back to the military style.
  • Pain relief – with this method, you are able to learn how to relieve the pain or diminish it all the way. One of those is that, you would be able to find how to help back pain, which is really common when you are pregnant.
  • Enhanced performance – at some point, it is not only the pregnant women who use this technique. This is for the reason that musicians who also want to enhance performance and get relieved from stress, and to those who would like to recover fast uses this method. People could actually improve their posture alone, yet they would only end up standing and sitting rigidly and straighten their body uncomfortably. There is no denying that it is impossible to maintain, yet it is very easy to lead back into your old and familiar slump posture. The Alexander Technique simply gives people the benefit by giving them clear, practical and logical way of enhancing their posture in an upright and peaceful way. Its method of enhancing posture is eventually sustainable.
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