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The Bradley Method of Childbirth

The Bradley Method of Childbirth

Natural childbirth method

The Bradley method gives out the thought that childbirth is a normal process. With the appropriate preparations, most of the women are able to avoid medications for pain and the inventions during labor and delivery. This birthing technique is being developed by the American obstetrician Robert Bradley in 1940. The program would last for about 12 weeks and will be more intensive than those of the other natural childbirth classes around. Basically, you will start the program right up on your 5th month of pregnancy. However, there are also classes that could be suitable for you. The proponents claim that about 90% of couples who have been trained in Bradley method have spontaneous and unmedicated vaginal births.

The Bradley Method of Childbirth
The Bradley Method of Childbirth

The philosophy behind the Bradley method book says that it would take some time to set yourself ready for childbirth as well as parenting. It also goes together with the prides of addressing all of the natural childbirth and issues about pregnancies as well as postpartum. The course also emphasizes teaching partners on how they could be effective coaches.

What you’ll learn about Bradley birthing method


To ensure that the classes you got are personal and thorough, the classes are only limited for about eight couples and sometimes smaller. The Bradley method of childbirth would be:

  • The nutrition and on how it affects the growing fetus;
  • The essence of exercise when you are pregnant;
  • Common symptoms of pregnancy and the complaints and on how you should cope with it;
  • Relaxation methods during your labor and delivery, with the emphasis on the natural methods of birthing to help you manage the pain and get away any form of distractions.
  • Birthing techniques to help your husband or partner to be active and skilled in coaching you when the labor day arrives.
  • The labor stages and on how you should cope up with the changes in which your body experiences during this time.
  • How to avoid unnecessary medical interventions;
  • How to reduce the risk of getting Cesarean section and what should you do if it becomes necessary;
  • Making your own birth plan and on how to efficiently speak with your medicinal team;
  • Newborn nursing, breastfeeding and adjusting into your role being parents.
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Bradley method exercises to understand

  • Tailor Sitting – with this method, moms are then encouraged to sit upon the floor often during the day. To make things right, you should sit on the floor, your legs out in front and do it like an Indian style, yet the legs need to be on the ground instead top of one another. The shins need to be flattened towards the floor. You could always do this technique anytime of the day. If you do it more, you would certainly feel the comfort when you come into the point of laboring and delivering the baby.
  • Squatting – stand with your feet, which is a foot to a foot and half apart and squat down gently. Lean forward a little and feel the balance. The goal is by having your heels upon the ground, which would come out by getting more of stretching and practicing. Squatting simply do a good job the the first exercise, as it helps in stretching the perineum, making it to be a lot more flexible. It is something that you will surely appreciate when the head of your baby starts emerging.
  • Pelvic Rocking – do this by getting down your hands and knees. Your hands should go directly under the should
    The Bradley Method of Childbirth
    The Bradley Method of Childbirth

    ers and knees and needs to go directly under your hips. You should sag your belly a bit and draw your bottom slowly and tuck it under. Your pelvis needs to be doing this motion and not your back. It will help you in easing down the backache and helps in preventing varicose veins from coming out. This is for the reason that it takes off the pressure of main blood vessels that leads towards your legs.

  • Your legs apart – this Bradley method of childbirth needs you to do it with a coach. You should sit on the floor with your back being propped up with the pillows. Your knees have to be bent and the feet are being pulled back towards the bottom. Your coach will then hands on the outsides of your knees and apply inward pressure as the mom pushes the legs outward and down towards the floor.
  • Kegel exercises – the beginning part would need you to concentrate on making deep flex. There’s no need for you to hold, as you only need to repeat. You should do 300 flexes every day. The intermediate part would need you to flex and then hold for about 10 counts. It has to be 36 times a day. The advanced part of kegel exercises is about flexing the outer third of your vaginal barrel, the middle as well as the upper third. You must pretend that you are in the elevator and making stops on 3 floors. You should release it like you are descending in the elevator and stop again at every floor. This is for a much better sexual sensation, minimal tearing on your vagina, and strong birth canal during the childbirth.
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