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Natural Childbirth Pros & Cons

Natural Childbirth Pros & Cons

What happens with the normal birth?

During the last pregnancy month, the woman’s cervix will be soften and ripens. The contractions of the uterus would become noticeable and the baby will then settle in the pelvis. Moreover, the contractions would become a little stronger and the cervix would start stretching and opening and the baby would move lower and rotates, moving down the birth canal gradually. With every contraction, the pain would send a signal into the brain and the oxytocin will be released. With the release of these hormones, the contraction will have an increase in its intensity. When the contraction pain increases, there will be more of oxytocin to be released and the contraction would be harder.

The pain of labor is what most pregnant women worry about. It is essential for one to understand the the contraction pains of labor is valuable. It is an essential way that nature helps women to find their very own ways of facilitating the birth. In a real sense, the pain of every contraction would be a guide for birthing women. The activities and positions she chooses in

Natural Childbirth Pros & Cons
Natural Childbirth Pros & Cons

response to what she feels would help labor progress by simply increasing the efficiency and strength of contractions and encourage the baby to settle in and move down the birth canal. When the pain had moved out entirely, the feedback system will be disrupted and labor will slow down and become less efficient. As the labor starts progressing and the pain increases, the endorphins will be released in increased amounts. The result is that, there will be a decrease in pain perception in a very natural way.

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Why consider natural childbirth?

So, why should you consider natural childbirth? Well, most women actually find the answer to that question by themselves. What they need from the educators of childbirth is to know that nature works great for everyone. Confident women who are supported and encouraged and those who enjoy the freedom of tapping into their very own wisdom simply find deeper satisfaction in natural birthing. The process alone prepares the expectant mom and the baby in perfect harmony and continue their journey.

Some expectant mothers would choose to give birth in a natural way. This is for the reason that they just love the challenge behind it. Others actually find the satisfaction in working hard and getting the birthing done. Most women are eager to avoid anything that could harm their babies or even with themselves. However, the best reason why you should natural childbirth methods is merely a universal one. Women knows how to give birth without epidurals, machine and even with fear. There are actually different methods offering natural childbirth techniques. You could go for Lamaze method or Bradley methods.

The advantages of taking natural childbirth

  • Most of the natural childbirth classes teach techniques that are not invasive. Thus, there is only very minimal potential for harm or side effects for you as well as your baby.
  • Most women have a very strong feeling of empowerment during their labor and delivery and the sense of accomplishment afterward. Despite enduring pain, most of them reports that they will have to choose the natural birth again next time. Natural birthing simply helps women in lessening down their insight of pain.
  • There would be no loss of alertness or sensation. You could always move around freely and find positions that could help you stay calm and comfortable during your labor. Moreover, you will remain to be an active participant in the process of birthing when it is the time of pushing out your baby.
  • You are less likely than the other women who consider interventions and epidurals in order to make the contractions
    Natural Childbirth Pros & Cons
    Natural Childbirth Pros & Cons

    stronger, catheterization of your bladder or vacuum extraction or the forceps delivery.

  • Your partner or your husband will be involved in the process and work together in managing pain.
  • You are able to use visualization, breathing exercises and even self-hypnosis during labor. Most of the new mothers find themselves drawn on relaxation techniques in their breastfeeding days, while still coping up with the discomfort of postpartum or throughout the stressful times of nursing the newborn.


The disadvantages of natural childbirth

Just like any other things, natural childbirth methods offer certain disadvantages. Unlike the epidural, the techniques of reducing the pain naturally do not merely gets rid of the pain. Thus, if you want the feeling and dealing with pain, you would be a lot happier with epidural. Moreover, natural approaches may not also offer you adequate pain management, most especially if you only end up with prolonged labor or complicated one that needs interventions.

To make it more clear to you, you can consider looking out for actual natural childbirth stories of video of natural childbirth and be enlightened with what natural childbirth is all about.

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