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Classes of Lamaze Method of Childbirth

Attending Lamaze method classes of childbirth

Classes of Lamaze method of childbirth Giving birth to a child would not just take you one step method. There are just lots of birthing methods you can use and one of those is Lamaze. Do you have any idea about what Lamaze Method is? Well, Ferdinand Lamaze, the French obstetrician developed this method and has been widely used in the United States. It is even one of the commonly taught kind of childbirth classes. During the early days, the concentration was all about using the techniques of controlled breathing in order to cope up with labor. The only thing is that, the vision of Lamaze educators has then expanded ever since.

In accordance to Lamaze International, the goal of this method is to increase the confidence of a woman in her ability of giving birth. With such, women would learn different yet simple strategies on how she could cope and breathing is one of those. Lamaze classes aim to help a woman to learn how to respond the pain in different ways that both facilitate an increase in comfort and labor.

The philosophy of the Lamaze method stipulates that the birth will all be natural, healthy and normal and so, women would have the right to give birth free from any surgery or medical interventions. However, Lamaze class also teaches women so when the interventions are needed or in case medication for pain relief is desired, women would be able to give true and informed consent.

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What to expect with Lamaze method


The usual classes for Lamaze birth classes consist of about 12 hours of instructions and merely includes not more than 12 couples. Women taking this pregnancy classes are even advised to start a class near the beginning of their seventh month of pregnancy. Here’s what this class covers:

  • Normal labor and birth by making use of real birth videos as well as early postpartum period;
  • How to be a lively and informed participant during birth;
  • Techniques for concentrated breathing for labor;
  • There are other relaxation techniques as well as the natural strategies will help you work through the labor pain, just like massage, changes in position, walking and even with hydrotherapy.
  • There are tips that would help your partner to encourage and support you during your labor.
  • It will teach a pregnant woman about the value of one-to-one professional support during your labor.
  • There are ways on how you would be able to communicate with the healthcare team, so you are sure enough that your needs are being met.
  • They would tackle about the complications that could raised during the labor and birth and the interventions could be needed medically.
  • There are epidurals and any other options that will teach you for pain management with the medication.
  • Early interaction between you and the baby;
  • Breastfeeding.


General benefits of Lamaze method

Lamaze method also offers the benefits you need. The following are:

  • Natural Childbirth Support – Lamaze method is totally natural and does not need the usage of medical management or drugs, making it to be a well-liked option among most women around. While the early Lamaze concentrated on the regimented breathing, the Lamaze birth classes today associate with the relaxed environment and also have the skilled teachers providing psychological counseling. In accordance to Lamaze International, the viewpoint of Lamaze is that, the birthing experience is aimed to be completely natural and normal and women have their inherits ability of giving birth. Women using such method often give rewarding results.
  • Psychological and Emotional Advantages – for the reason that Lamaze promotes normal and natural birth, it is probable to perform the method and settle on whether you would have an epidural for the period of your labor. This method is hugely popular because of the emphasis on behavior and the interaction of the mind, body and even with the environment. Women could also become more skilled about and concerned with the procedure of childbirth that reduces the fear. This method also focuses on the breathing and concentration as opposite to relax. Using a birth partner, the breathing exercises would teach the woman to be able to loosen up her muscles during the contraction. It even teaches a woman to avoid her fears and doubts about the delivery and react to the contraction as a stimulus and not as pain.
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The benefits of Lamaze focus purely on psychological and emotional aspects of a person, as it merely concentrates on giving out positive environment as well as well-being all throughout the process of her delivery. So, if you think that you want the best when it comes to giving birth, considering classes of the Lamaze method of childbirth would be a good thing for you. So, if you think that you are near the peak of labor and delivery, it would be best for you to start taking Lamaze classes today and learn about the methods to support yourself.

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