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What are the chances of getting pregnant

Conceiving is not all that easy for some unfortunate women

What are the chances of getting pregnant This is the age and time of birth control and women try to enjoy their sex lives to the maximum avoiding pregnancy until they are mentally and physically ready to fulfill the responsibility of a mother. Birth control is also used by women to have the right spacing between children to raise them in an optimum manner. But increasing pollution, fast lifestyles, lack of exercise, and junk food have played their part making it difficult for women to conceive these days. Women hope to become pregnant soon after stopping their birth control pills but are shocked and disappointed to see that despite their best efforts, they are unable to conceive. What are the chances of getting pregnant is a question uppermost in their minds and they also ask their gynecologists about their chances of pregnancy.

Doctors would lead us to believe conception comes naturally after stopping on birth control pills


All pill manufacturers and doctors are of the view that it takes time for the body of a woman to come back into normal mode after taking birth control pills for years. This time could be as little as till the next menstrual cycle to a year. However, the average time period taken to conceive by women taking birth control pills is 4 months. So if you are trying to get pregnant after stopping birth control pills it does not matter if you do it with your partner for three times a week as it is normal for your body to take time to adjust to lack of hormones that were injected by birth control pills all those years.

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Conception is dependent upon a lot of factors

Despite all things being normal with the woman and her male partner, odds of getting pregnant are dependent upon many factors such as your age, weight and the time period for which you have been trying to get pregnant apart from your medical conditions. There is much to learn for a woman, and if she has knowledge of these factors, conception becomes that much easier. For example you may extremely increase your chances of getting pregnant by simple using red raspberry leaf tea or some other fertility boosters.

There are best ways to get pregnant and also best time to get pregnant

If you are thinking about best ways of getting pregnant, there is a best time to get pregnant and according to all doctors this is the time when you are ovulating during your menstrual cycle. Ovulation lasts from around 24-48 hours during the periods and sperms have a life of 3-5 days. On the day of ovulation, a mature ovum is released that remains in the uterus ready to be fertilized by the sperms. If you pay attention to signs of ovulation in your body clock, you know the best time to get pregnant is then and there. Just get your partner ready and copulate during this period to increase your chances of getting pregnant. Knowing about ones best time to get pregnant is possible with the help of ovulation calendar.

There are many fertility myths and beliefs doing rounds even in this age of internet and information. There are girls who would say ‘He did not ejaculate inside or that the sperm comes out of the vagina’ if they are not able to conceive. There are even some (and these are teenage girls) who believe that getting pregnant of precum is possible. Though technically, there are chances of conceiving even if precum goes inside and the man ejaculates outside, these are very, very slim chances of conception. Can you have a period and still be pregnant is a question that you can still hear from some girls.

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What are the chances of getting pregnant is a question that is hard to answer but if you do sex regularly with your partner without thinking too much about conception, and also keep track of your ovulation period and try to copulate during ovulation, you are aware of the best ways to get pregnant. Just relax and do your best. Your chances of pregnancy are the highest when you stop taking birth control pills and do sex at the right time which is obviously the time of the menstrual cycle when you are ovulating.

Relax and do sex at the right time

Experts often say that doing sex with pregnancy on the mind all the time can lead to anxiety that can hamper with your chances of pregnancy. Start believing that you can, stop sex 4 days before ovulation and then engage in sex during ovulation so that the sperm count is high. If you keep on doing sex every day, you reduce the quality of sperm count which may come in way of your pregnancy. These are some tips that have helped thousands before and will surely help millions of women to conceive in future too. Keeping track of your ovulation certainly helps in this regard.

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