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Using Preseed as a sperm most friendly lubricant

Using Preseed as a sperm most friendly lubricant The state of vaginal drying might become annoying for women, whether we are talking about a woman that is pregnant or about woman that want to conceive. Those problems are created by a low level of estrogen in the organism. During pregnancy, especially for the first months, this problem appears often. The causes are diverse: it might be a sexual dysfunction, a hormonal problem or something else. Either way, the problem can be treated with lubricants, as those liquids imitate the natural substance released by the vagina. However, as any advantage comes with a disadvantage, using the lubricants might not be such a good idea, especially if you want to conceive. Those lubricants usually kill the spermatozoids, or they affect the properties of those spermatozoids, therefore you need to use the special lubricants that protect the sperm such as Preseed.

Using Preseed as a personal lubricant before and after conceiving

The pre seed lubricant must be used to have pleasant sexual contacts, especially for women that suffer from vaginal dryness, although some couples prefer this method as a completion for better sex. Dryness will make both partners to suffer, as it provokes pains for the women, and the men might feel rejected.

Why is Preseed the best solution of this kind?

The personal lubricants are made of special substances that allow a better penetration and a lubricated vagina. Preseed is maybe the only sperm friendly lubricant, as it is made mostly with water, but also vitamins and minerals. The Preseed lubricant is considered as a great personal lube even by couples that don’t have those problems, but you will have to be careful! A lubricated vagina provokes unexpected pleasures for the man, therefore he might ejaculate faster than expected. It is recommended to use a condom with the pre lubricant if you want to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. In case you want to remain pregnant, this is the best solution to remain pregnant. The only problem might be that the increased pleasure given by Preseed to the man might be an impediment for the woman to reach orgasm, and it is known that conceiving is better if both partners have orgasm.

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Pre seed as a medical treatment

The personal lubricant can also be used as a medical solution for women that suffer from a dry vagina, even if it is not about sexual contacts. Besides Preseed, women can use natural oils and soaps without chemical components. The diet must also be strict, composed of sunflower seeds, vegetables and beans. The acupuncture also represents an alternative for the dryness to disappear before or after giving birth.

Why it is important to use pre seed even if it is not about sexual contacts

When the vaginal area is dry, many of the daily activities will become a burden. In fact, after the menopause, the dryness sensation is the most common reason for vaginal pains, and in this case, using a personal lubricant is mandatory.

The symptoms of vaginal dryness

The vaginal dryness is a common problem that is felt by women as soon as it appears. Generally, women are able to detect this problem immediately, without specialized help. However, if you suffer from this problem, it is important to use Preseed as a preventive method. The most common reason for this problem is the low level of estrogens. The estrogens are the hormones that help all the organs in the genital area to function properly, so a lack of estrogens might be the cause for other problems and diseases. Without estrogens, the microbes will easily penetrate the vagina, creating some problems that could be severe.

The dryness sensation in the vaginal area might also be produced by allergies, so besides pre seed, a treatment for allergies must also be applied. Sometimes, washing the vagina too often with chemical products might provoke a reaction of this kind, therefore the personal lubricant is recommended.

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Even if Preseed is a solution that can be found commonly in drugstores without a prescription, it is recommended to consult a doctor to put the diagnose and to determine if this is the best solution for you. The evaluation is made before and after administrating some doses of estrogen. In fact, Preseed can be considered as a completion for the estrogens therapy. The estrogens therapy is made in different ways. The estrogen creams that are applied around the vagina can be useful, but those creams might contain some harmful substances both for the vagina and for the penis of the partner, therefore they must be used with caution. Otherwise, there are tablets or even estrogen rings that can be placed in the vagina to stimulate the production of those hormones. In any case, if a lubricant is recommended by the doctor for your problem, then Preseed is the best solution.

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