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Signs and Symptoms of Ovulation

Signs and Symptoms of Ovulation The signs of ovulation are obvious for some women, while other women might not feel them at all. It is recommended to take some caution measurements, and to make sure you can remain pregnant, by detecting and using the ovulation signs.

Start with a visit at a doctor to understand the ovulation signs and symptoms


It is important to visit the family doctor before trying to conceive, as besides the common explanations about the symptoms of ovulation, the doctor could make a series of tests, to check the physical state of the woman. Of course, besides the generalist doctor, you can also visit the gynecologist that will determine what signs of ovulation are the most obvious for the respective woman, so she would be able to determine the ovulation signs effectively.

You must make sure that all the necessary vaccines are made, and that you don’t suffer for a sexual transmission diseases, as those diseases might affect the chances of a woman to remain pregnant. Moreover, it is also possible for the doctor to recommend you some vitamins that will increase your chances of getting pregnant.

The potential factors determining delayed or missed period

Although it seems like common sense, there are many women that continue to smoke and to drink alcohol while they are trying to get pregnant. One of the most common reasons is that the body basal temperature remains the same, or it is hard to be determined, therefore the time of ovulation can’t be determined. Smoking and drinking alcohol might affect your fertility, therefore even if you are using some methods to determine ovulation such as body temperature charting, the results might not be conclusive, as those charts will surely be affected by the alcohol. Moreover, those substances might affect your body, and women that had no problems with their periods might disturb their menstruation, suffering from irregular cycle. You should know a lot about harmful effects of smoking – it is really bad and dangerous habit. Feel the benefits of quitting smoking – stop smoking right now!

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Other signs of ovulation

There are different signs of ovulation, such as tender breasts and mucus changes. The problems with women that try to conceive forget about the fact that sexual reports must first bring pleasure, and they must not be considered as a job. If you are waiting for the ovulation signs and symptoms, and then you ask your husband to do “his job fast”, without considering pleasure, than the results might be disastrous.

Besides affecting the state of health of the man, a sexual contact made with the single purpose of remaining pregnant, the symptoms of ovulation might not be used effectively. Live every moment with maximum intensity, without making a purpose from remaining pregnant.

How to use the signs of ovulation and to obtain pleasure at the same time

Try to have sex reports in different positions when you feel the ovulation signs. This way, the vagina will be able to retain the sperm, and to help it to get to the ovule with the help of the cervical mucus. The ovulation signs and symptoms are the best signs that you must start to make love with your husband, but they must be interpreted correctly, and just because you know those signs does not mean that you will surely remain pregnant. Avoid the position with the woman on top, and try to relax in the bed for at least 15 minutes after the sexual report, to allow the sperm to start its way on the urethra.

Frustrations and problems with pregnancy

The symptoms of ovulation are sometimes misinterpreted by women, and just because they are not able to remain pregnant after one try, it does not mean that you have a problem. There are some couples that must wait months and even years, therefore you must not lose your patience and perseveration.

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Problems with ovulation

People that used the ovulation symptoms and signs for years and they were not able to remain pregnant tried to reach this goal with the help of a doctor. The specialists are able to determine the physical signs of ovulation, and to carefully analyze the problems you suffer from.

How can you use the signs you are ovulating in your advantage

Just because you know what are signs of ovulation does not mean that you will be able to use them in your advantage. The body of a woman suffers from diverse modifications, and those can be considered as signs and symptoms of ovulation. Once you have learned those signs, you can create your own fertilization charts, or you can use the charts that can be found with different sites. The ovulation is the central cycle of your menstruation. Your body changes enough during this period, and it becomes easy for the women to determine the signs of ovulation cramping or other ovulation symptoms. The ovulation symptoms pain come from the sudden body changes that might not be accepted so easily by the organism, and even if it is sometimes hard to make love during those periods, remember that the fertile period lasts for about 12 hours, so you should take advantage of this period.

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