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Shettles method conception

Shettles method conceptionThere are large numbers of people around the world who are searching for different methods of sex selection for their unborn child before conception. You will find many parents who have boys and wish for little baby girls and there are many families who have girls in their family and wish to give birth to baby boy to complete family.

For such families it would be great news that now it is possible to predict sex of their child prior to conception. One of the methods used for prediction of sex of child is Shettles method.

What is Shettles Method?

Landrum B. Shettles introduced concept of Shettles method of conception in 1960. He His book “How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby” was his combined work with his friend name David Rorviik and was available in 1971.

According to Shettles Method it can be determined by couple if they want to have a baby boy or girl in their family. According to this method timing of intercourse around ovulation can play an important part in this regard.

Success rate of Shettles Method is believed to be 77% to 90% at large.

Shettles method of sex

According to this method of conception couples can conceive child according to their choice. They can determine sex of their baby prior to conception.

Concept of Shettle was based on idea that sex of child is determined by sperm of man. It is known by Shettle that egg of woman only contain XX chromosome which stand for female sex. However it is only chromosomes of man that contain both types that are XX chromosomes for baby girl and XY chromosome for baby boy.

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The xx chromosome “girl sperms” are known for their survival time as they are stronger and can survive for long however, these chromosomes exhibit slow speed. This fact is manipulated by Dr. Shettle and he devise method for conception of child with gender of own choice.

Gender selection with Shettles method

Now the question is how to use these facts to choose gender selection of child according to Shettle. Shettles method comprises of following important aspects:

  • The PH of female vagina can play an important part in conception of male or female baby. Lower PH will help female sperm to fertilize in better way however, higher vaginal PH is suitable for male conception.
  • Likewise, proper positioning during sex can also help for fertilization of male or female egg. If couple is looking forward to conceive female than shallow penetration would be required as it will help to eliminate male sperm as male sperm cannot survive for longer duration. On the other hand for conception of male child deeper penetration will be required so it can help eggs to fertilize immediately.
  • Intercourse with respect to timings of ovulation can also decide the outcome. As if intercourse is done at time of ovulation it can help to conceive baby boy. While if sex is practiced before or after time of ovulation chances of “how to have a baby girl” increases.
  • These are main aspects that according to Shettles method can help you to decide for conceiving male or female baby.


Shettles method to conceive girl

If you are looking for how to conceive a girl, Shettle method can provide great help. The quality and survival time of xx chromosomes can help parents to conceive girl in quite convenient way. For such couples it is recommended to have sex regularly until the day prior to ovulation. Also there are different positions which can help to conceive female as sperms can be deposited away from fertilization point.

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Shettles method to conceive a boy

For people who prefer birth of baby boy as their first child Shettle offer complete natural way of gender selection of child with help of y chromosome carrying sperms. For such couples it is advised by Shettle to have sex 12 hours prior to or after time of ovulation. For the success of this method it is important to calculate time of ovulation more accurately. For this purpose it is important to calculate basal temperature. However, this can be miscalculated as body is going through constant changes. For this purpose specialized kits of ovulation calculations are also available in market. By calculating time of ovulation, couples can choose to have intercourse at right time. However, for conceiving boy it is important to choose right position as deep penetration and right PH can help to conceive baby boy easily.

Diet can also play significant role for gender selection of baby. Different women have different acidic level of body. Women with higher acidic level of body can face difficulty to conceive male baby. It is due to fact that male sperms cannot survive in acidic environment. To avoid this situation woman should arrange alkaline diet prior to intercourse. Also, acidic diet should also be prohibited completely which include bananas, kiwi, melons, sodas, avocados and citrus fruits. By the way, also it is important to use men`s health diet to achieve a high level of male fertility.

If you are also looking for how to conceive a girl or how to conceive a boy you can use the Shettles method for your desired results.

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