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How to get pregnant

How to get pregnantMany couples look for the answer of question that “how to get pregnant?” and for some couples, it becomes quite difficult to get pregnant. They try to conceive a baby and for that, they even do a lot of efforts but they do not make it possible in any way. So, if you are looking for the answer to the question that “how can I get pregnant” then you are at the right place today. In this article you will find various steps that will help you to become pregnant.

What should you do before trying to conceive?

How to get pregnant? Is your wife or partner trying to conceive? Wait! Before she starts trying to conceive, she should take a notice of few very important things. Before looking for the answer to question “how do I get pregnant?” you should evaluate your health and living style. This evaluation offers you several benefits to your fertility, to your wellbeing and your baby growth after you become pregnant. It is not possible for every woman to stop the habits that affect their health badly or to concentrate on their mental condition, physical condition and eating habits etc. Research showed that there are almost half of the pregnancies that were not planned properly. If you are planning to get pregnant, then you will have golden chance to make the best physical condition for your baby before you start trying to conceive. How do you get pregnant? Your pregnancy would be much easier if you are active, healthy and familiar with your menstrual cycle.

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Below are few steps that you should keep in mind if you want answer for “how do I get pregnant?”

Stop taking any birth control

There are some methods of birth controlling that have long period of readjustment even after stopping them. So, the time for being pregnant differs and depends on the woman’s body. Many people go to doctors or research on internet that “how to have baby?” and the reason why it takes long time to get pregnant is the use of birth control methods.

Make healthy choices for your lifestyle

How to get pregnant? Keep your weight healthy, do regular exercises, eat healthy meals and stay away from stress. You will get more chances of getting pregnant, if you are free from stress and illness that affect the ovulation time.

  • Take balanced fertility diet
    Both partners should take care of their balanced preconception diet by eating fertility foods with high antioxidants such as vegetables, fruit, vitamins and minerals. It is very important to use fertility boosting foods! Do not eat seafood as they increase the blood level and create the fertility problems.
  • Consult your doctor
    It is recommended to visit your doctor to know how to get pregnant and to take advice that which lifestyle changes are necessary for you. Also check if you are taking medicines that can decrease the chances of getting pregnant.
  • Stop smoking
    Do you know anything about harmful effects of smoking? Well, why smoking is bad: smoke is your big enemy that you cannot even imagine. It affects the cervical mucus in women and decrease the sperm count in men and common health. Better learn several wide-known stop smoking tips to reduce smoking risks!
  • Sleep well
    Sleep dispossession can decrease of hormone leptin level and as a result, the ovulation may be affected badly.
  • Stop caffeine
    Taking over 200 mg of caffeine daily in your pregnancy can increase the risk of miscarriage. So avoid caffeine especially if it contains soda and tea.
  • Boost your fertility naturally
    You may also use so-called natural fertility boosters like red raspberry leaf tea, or wild yam tea to induce your conceiving potential.
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Conceive according to predicted ovulation

How to have a baby? There would be more chances to get pregnant if you do intercourse at least one time in a day during ovulation. You should have intercourse at least 2 to 3 times in a week in case you have not predicted ovulation.

What is the best time to get pregnant?

The best time to bear a baby is the time of ovulation in your menstrual complete cycle. During this period of time, a mature ovum is spread inside the uterus from through follicles. This mature ovum or egg starts fertilizing and remains here for 12 hours and after this time it degenerates. To check your fertile time, you should take notice of your body and check the spot of ovulation signs.

Basal body temperature

Increase in temperature of your body can give you indication for baby but it is not the perfect time to get pregnant. In this situation, your basal body heat can arise from o.5 to 1.6 degrees. You will not feel any change but you can check it with a basal thermometer.

Mistakes that could decrease the chances of pregnancy

How does a woman get pregnant? The answer is very obvious now. You should check and balance different tips to get pregnant. But there are few common mistakes that you can do and as a result it becomes impossible or difficult for you to get pregnant. It is fine to use lubricant (e.g. Preseed) but make sure that it does not include spermicide that can kill the sperm and stop pregnancy. “How to get a woman pregnant” is not difficult now as there are several procedures that help you to resolve your problem regarding pregnancy.

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Hopefully, you got the answer for question “how do women get pregnant?”

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