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How to get pregnant with a girl

How to get pregnant with a girl There are so many reasons behind why some couples look for how to get pregnant with a girl. Some couples have all boys, and so they want a daughter, although they love their sons but still they wish to have a beautiful baby girl. There are some couples that have lost their daughter, and so they want to know that how to have a baby girl. A woman might want to have a baby girl because her husband’s siblings are all boys, and he might want only beautiful fairies from his wife. Well! There could be many other reasons why some people are searching for how to conceive a girl. According to recent static it revealed that there are almost 1052 boys who born for every 1000 girls. Are you also looking for how to have a baby girl?

Trying to produce a girl


First of all you should have frequent sex! Don’t believe the myth about “too much sex” to be pregnant. There are wide ranges of options available for all couples who want to know how to conceive a baby girl. Have you ever tried any procedure to get pregnant with a baby girl? Is there any special type of sexual position that affects your body to produce a girl or boy? In this article, you will find an answer of all these questions. This article is all about how to get pregnant with a girl, and you will find various tips that will help you in conceiving a girl.

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It is a very common practice that people are trying to selection the sex of their baby. Some people want to have a boy while some wish to have a girl. It was not so obvious that the prediction of a sex in the woman`s body really lay upon the man. So when couples sleep together with certain objects, it really affects the sex of your baby. Also research shows that even the medicines that you take before your pregnancy influence the sex of your baby. In old day, most couples prefer to have a baby boy in their life but now the time has changed. There is the biggest change in minds of people regarding the selection of sex and now most locations report that they give high priority to girls instead of boys.

How selection of sex works?

How to get pregnant with a girl? All parents play almost half role in the genetic make-up of their newly born baby. A woman or a mother genetically contains an XX, so this is the true reason that why the female is only able to produce an X in her future baby. She cannot contribute a Y in her baby. Contrarily, to this, male or father of a child is genetically an XY. He can contribute to produce both X as well as Y to his future baby. From this fact, it is now obvious that sperm is the most important factor in determining the sex of your future baby. In the time of intercourse, there are more than 200 million of sperm that discharged inside the vagina, and it is basically a combination of X and Y. Do you want a consultation about a genetic role to get pregnant with a girl? Just visit a genetic counselor!

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Shettles method

There are various books, which explain you different ways on how to conceive a baby of your desired sex and especially conceiving a girl. If you are learning about how to conceive a baby girl, then you might have heard about the Shettles method. The basic theory for getting the Shettles method is that a sperm that bears Y is very fast, but it also dies very quickly. Therefore, the purpose of this method is to adopt more sperm bearing the X near to the ovum in conception. Shettles suggests you to stack the deck and have more X sperm at ovum section. It means that when the egg is produced, you have sperm with X bearing to fertilize the ovum. Following are the basics that will help you how to make a baby girl:

  • You should understand your menstrual cycle, and after you have done this for two or more months, you will be able to make the pinpoint ovulation more clearly.
  • After the ends of your monthly periods, you will have to do the unprotected intercourse regularly.
  • If you want to produce a girl, then you should have sex at least once in a day.
  • Avoid from the marital relations before three days you started expecting the ovulation.
  • To include the optimism for a baby girl, you should choose the position of your sex in which it is easy to place the sperm quite near to the entrance of the vagina and this sexual position will make the sperm to further swim. For instance, you can have missionary position during intercourse.
  • If you are trying to conceive a girl, then you should stop the orgasm when you attempt for the conception during sex. By doing so, you can prevent vaginal environment to be more alkaline, which could reduce the chances of getting baby girls.
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