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How Do Ovulation Predictor Kits Work

How to know when you are ovulating using the test

How Do Ovulation Predictor Kits Work The ovulation predictor kits are the safest methods to determine the fertile period if a woman decided to remain pregnant. However, you will have to understand how do ovulation predictor kits work in order to use those instruments effectively. The test is the perfect answer to the question When do I ovulate with an accuracy of 99.9%, especially in the case of an irregular menstrual cycle.

The test works just like the pregnancy test. If you obtain one line as a result, it means that you need to wait a few days more. If you have two lines, it means that the temperature and cervical mucus are perfect to conceive.

How to determine the best days to conceive using the tests

Prior to ovulation, you must buy a testing device of this kind. If you detect a surge, you must contact the doctor immediately. The ovulation is determined by the LH hormone, and when this hormone is present in large quantities, it means you are during the best days to conceive. When it is secreted in large quantities, the effect is to break the follicle where the ovule is placed; therefore, the ovule reaches the peritoneal cavity, where it is picked by the uterus.

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What is the behavior of the LH hormone when ovulation is occurring?

The LH hormone is frequently eliminated in the urine, but in small quantities. Its growth is determined by the test that is able to anticipate the moment of ovulation.

Usually, the growing of the LH hormone takes place at the middle of the menstrual cycle, and the time of ovulation starts with the 13th day after the menstrual cycle, but it is also important to anticipate it using the body temperature, the basal body to be more specific.

In the case of an irregular cycle, the luteinizing hormone can be determined using the same method, and the base period to calculate the ovulation is the shortest period of a menstrual cycle you ever had, as an average with the longest one. In the case of a regular cycle, it is simple to determine the most fertile period, but this is a rare case that must be considered more like an exception than a rule.

How to use the test?

The test stick must be unsealed before you start testing, and not earlier. Besides the germs and other bacteria that could affect the results of the test, it will lose from its accuracy if you choose to open it earlier.

The ovulation predictor kits show that the level of LH hormone has grown enough to stimulate the ovulation during the next 24 hours, but it is not a guaranteed method, as there is a small possibility for the ovule not to be released. Read the instructions about using it and about reading the results if you want to understand how do ovulation predictor kits work.

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When do I ovulate: Can I have a precise answer to this question?

The human body is a complicated mechanism, and even if it is possible to anticipate its reactions using the modern medical methods, it is impossible to know this fact 100 %. If you want to understand how to know when you are ovulating, you will have to combine this method with other empiric methods such as the calendar or the cervical mucus.

Other aspects that must be considered while using the ovulation predictor test

If the woman is already pregnant or she is following a birth control treatment or a hormone treatment, the ovulation probably is absent. The woman has to stop the treatment with the respective hormones, and to use the kits only when the effects of those hormones disappeared completely. you can find out from the ovulation predictor kits reviews how much time you need to wait, but as the organisms of different women are different, you will have to know how to use ovulation predictor kits and to consult the doctor to establish exactly when you can use the digital ovulation predictor kits with maximum accuracy.

Ovulation predictor kit reviews: what should you understand?

By reading the reviews of those devices, you will be able to determine the ovulation predictor kits accuracy. From there, you will be able to understand the answer ovulation predictor kit, and how can you use the results to answer to the question when do I ovulate. While using ovulation predictor kits for the first time, maybe you should also consult a specialized doctor. Besides recommending you the ovulation predictor kits suited for your organism, the doctor is also able to tell you how do ovulation predictor kits work. Use the kit for several months, and for the third or fourth month, you will have a precise answer to the question when do I ovulate.

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