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Trying to Conceive after Birth Control

Trying to Conceive after Birth Control The birth control pills have as the main purpose to create a “protection” against an unwanted pregnancy. The birthcontrol pills, such as morning-after pills, are also called contraceptives, and they are hormonal substances that will create a cyclic concentration of the sexual feminine hormone. While there are many contraceptive methods, the majority of them are based on stopping the common function of the ovary, therefore to eliminate the feminine cell that can be fertilized by spermatozoids.

While trying to conceive, many women observe that they are not able to get pregnant even if they have stopped the treatment with those pills. If you want to be protected against the possible side effects of stopping the treatment, and you are also looking for some trying to conceive tips, you should understand the effect of birth control pills and how can you conceive after birth control.

Taking breaks from birth control

It is a good idea to stop the birth control treatment even if you don’t want to get pregnant, as the ovary that is put in a break for a long time might “forget” how to release hormones. It is recommended to wait at least 6 months after stopping contraception before you try to get pregnant. During this period, you can try to use other contraceptive methods such as the method of calendar. Stop taking the pill and wait for at least 4 months before trying to conceive. This way, the organism will regain its tonus, being able to produce all the necessary substances useful for this process.

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What method of birth control must be used during the regeneration process?

As said before, it is recommended, although not mandatory, to take a break of three months at least to increase your chances of getting pregnant. During this period, you can use other methods of contraception such as the method of calendar or the condom. If you want to remain pregnant after birth control, you must make sure that your organism is totally regenerated after the pill. It is recommended to consult your doctor at least once a month, and you should only try to conceive when you have the expressed approval of this specialist.

Should I use birth control pills during pregnancy?

There are some myths stating that it is a good idea to take birth control pills while you are pregnant. Well, the sexual health doctors say that this is completely wrong, and it can harm you and the baby at the same time. Taking birth control pills during pregnancy could create a hormonal concentration that is incompatible with the future development of the fetus, but the fact that you have used the birthcontrol pills before being pregnant does not represent a danger for the future development of the child.

It is important to use contraceptives in order to prevent possible sexual problems. however, the contraceptive methods must only be used following the advices of the specialized doctors. It is important to stop the treatment at least two months per year, and to take a break of 4 months before trying to conceive. The producers of those pills say that there is no need for a break, but they are the producers after all, therefore you should not fully trust what they are saying.

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Trying to conceive tips: periodic controls

Whether you are using the contraceptive pill or different birth controls methods, you should check the effects of those pills with your doctor at least once a year. for example, if you want to know how do you get pregnant, you should know that it is not recommended to stop the hormonal treatment at the middle of a foil, as disequilibrium might appear.

When is the best time to get pregnant?

It is not important how long you were taking the birth control pills. The tips for getting pregnant are the same for women that had followed a treatment or not. After three months of birth control treatment break, the organism should be fully recovered, ready to reproduce like in the first day. From this time the frequency of sex will play the most important role to become pregnant.

The birth control pills work by preventing the ovulation. Once you take a decent break from birthcontrol, the control substances are eliminated. The best method to determine if the effects are gone from your body is to try to detect the sign of ovulation. If those signs are present, it means that your body is fully recovered after contraceptives.

However, if you had problems with ovulation before the treatment, those problems might persist. There are women that use the contraceptive methods to regulate the menstrual cycle and the ovulation, therefore, before trying to conceive, it is better to check if those problems are gone.

Don’t start the conceiving process as soon as your body is recovered after the treatment. well, it might be a good idea to enjoy a few months with your partner, and then to start this process.

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