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The harmful effects of smoking can cause trouble to conceive

The Overview of smoking while pregnant

The harmful effects of smoking can cause trouble to conceive Pregnancy is a state where a woman is bearing a child inside her womb. A normal term baby reaches approximately 2 weeks before and after the estimated date of confinement. To make it more specific, a woman is in the state of pregnancy for almost 9 months.

During the pre-pregnancy period, when an egg cell is being fertilized by a sperm begins the state of pregnancy. This state refers to conception. If a woman smoke, it reduces the rate of her egg to become viable for fertilization. That makes the conception quite difficult. Other harmful effects of smoking are the increasing risk of a woman to early menopause. Menopause is a state that indicates the primary cessation of woman’s ovaries to function.

Aside from this debilitating risk of smoking to pregnancy there are side effects of smoking that can affect the organogenesis (organ development) of fetus if the mother is smoking while she is found to be pregnant.
Ways on How to Stop Smoking

The best way for them to prevent these conditions is to quit smoking. There are many government programs that are being implemented to promote anti-smoking ordinance in every country. The Blue Ribbon Committee which specializes in preventing this activity by providing health teachings to people on how to quit smoking for free. There are list of charts that provides information to the people with regards to the effects of smoking.

As a nurse, we hereby persuade people especially pregnant woman to stop smoking. This information dissemination can eventually help people to be aware of the potential risk and danger not only to themselves but to people around them. There are various ways on how to quit smoking while pregnant. The following are more precise quit smoking tips to make it more understandable for the readers:

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Control yourself from your cravings (when you crave for cigarette smoking, try to eat something healthy like fruit or vegetables);
Have yourself treated with Massage (massage therapy helps the person to be detoxified from the substance that they got from smoking);
Aromatherapy is another natural way to stop smoking (try to buy a scent of lavender or chamomile, this can enhance your sleeping pattern which may eventually help you to divert your craving for smoking);
Taking of Vitamins (however, since you are pregnant you should try to consider consulting your Ob Gynecologist about the effects of vitamins to yourself if you are pregnant);
Eat green leafy vegetables. This can enhance your immune system to fight the effects of smoking for you and your baby.

Effects of Smoking to Pregnant Mother

Since smoking is a form of activity that is very hard to get over, you need to cut your smoking gradually. Through this you will be able to control yourself over it. You can also try to divert your attention if in case that you are craving for cigarettes. There are several facts about smoking that can affect the life of a pregnant mother and her unborn fetus. These are:

A smoking mother has an increase rate of having a lower birth weights;
They also have a higher probability of delivering the baby prematurely;
The risk of having a pulmonary and congenital defect is high;
Smoking is one of the things that can trigger a supraventricular tachycardia attack with rapid heart rate.

Benefits of quitting smoking during Pregnancy

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If you are not yet convinced with these facts then better look on the other side of the story. Let us focus with the benefits of quitting smoking. If you are not aware of this, then it is the right time for you to have an idea that having a smoke-free life is the best. The benefits are as follow:

It decreases the probability of any bleeding tendencies during the pregnancy period;
It lowers the chance of preterm babies (babies who are born before the expected date of confinement);
Increase chance of delivering a healthy baby;
Less likely for the infant to suffers from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS);
Prevent pulmonary and congenital defect or anomaly.

The most delicate effect of cigarette to pregnant woman is death. If you are not aware of this then you should know that smoking kills your baby and yourself.
How can smoking kills?

Cigarette has nicotine; these highly addictive substances which are mainly alkaloid have various effects to the body. Just read this article about second hand smoke effects to baby! It can cause vasoconstriction wherein the blood vessels are constricted thereby affecting the blood flow. Once the blood flow lowers, it can cause the heart to have extra workload. The sad part about it is when the heart starts to fail pumping blood all throughout the body. The blood serves as the passageway of foods, nutrients and oxygen for the baby through the placental circulation. Therefore, every time you smoke, you should think of the effect not just only for yourself but for your unborn child as well.

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