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The Effects of Excessive Heat from Sauna or Hot Shower on Sperm Count

The Effects of Excessive Heat from Sauna or Hot Shower on Sperm Count For so many times, in the couples that can’t conceive a child, the woman is the one that launches the procedures to solve the problem. However, in a huge proportion, the conclusion is that the man has fertility problems, and the most common problem is the quality of the sperm. Therefore, it is mandatory to know how to increase sperm count, so we will describe below a special case of a very wide theme of male sexual health.

Is it possible to increase men fertility?

Even if the men usually are too embarrassed to admit, a low sperm count is the most common fertility problem. Infertility is defined as the capacity of a couple to conceive a child after 12 months of regulated sexual reports and unprotected. Infertility is not a simple medical problem, as it can have psychological legal and genetic factors. According to the official studies, 20 % of couples that want to conceive need to increase fertility at one point or the other. While in the majority of cases, it is necessary for the men to find the reasons that affect his sperm count, there are also some rare cases when it is needed for this quantity to be reduced. There is a question if a man can reduce sperm count, and usually, only the specialized doctors can solve this problem.

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As a responsible woman, you don’t need to go to the drugstore just to buy the first product that comes in your hands. Women don’t even ask a proper question: Is it safe for my husband? Just because the product can be found in a common drugstore does not mean that it is good.

Is there a connection between the temperature of your privates and sperm count?

There are a number of factors that can greatly lower your sperm, such as heat, cold factors, but also stress and other psychological factors. The lifestyle of a person is crucial. A certain way of life could influence the sperm count in one way or the other. No matter what some “specialists” might say, the sperm count is important in your strivings to conceive, and a low sperm count is not only dangerous because you will probably not be able to conceive, but also because you might give birth to an affected kid. Therefore, if you want to be sure you are doing the right thing, it is important to increase his sperm production first.

Truth and myths about male infertility

Excessive heat might affect the sexual health of a man. However, the myths that hot showers will modify the normal morphology of the genital organs are false. Heat could have a negative effect on genitals, but only for men that are heavily exposed. For example, people that work in a steel factory close to the industrial ovens have fertility problems, but men that like to take hot showers will never be affected by it.

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How to increase sperm count: small details that make a difference

Besides the medication and doctor’s advices, you can change your lifestyle if your man has a low sperm count. It is possible to increase fertility in a natural way. For example, make sure the testicles are not “aggressed” by the underwear. If they are too tight, problems might appear. Moreover, 15 grams of zinc every day could be of great help. It was proven that one of the low sperm count causes is the low quantity of zinc in the organism of men. However, the huge quantities must also be avoided, as they could lead to the apparition of anemia. The zinc multivitamins taken daily are the best methods to solve this problem.

Eliminating harmful substances to increase chances of getting pregnant

Even if men don’t recognize or they simply don’t want to think about it, the normal sperm count is affected by factors such as alcohol and tobacco. Therefore, it is mandatory to eliminate those habits. After all, your wife will have to renounce those habits for 9 months, so maybe it is a good idea to start by setting a good example just now. This way, the sperm quality will be improved.

How to improve sperm quality: medication and alimentation

If you want to increase sperm quality, you will have to check all the medicines you are taking every day, to determine if they have negative effects. The poor sperm quality can be given by many factors, and one of them could be the pills you are taking for any other purposes.

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If those methods are not enough to solve the problem, you should take the sperm quality test at a specialized clinic. As soon as the doctor determines the factors affecting the sperm, he will also be able to determine how to increase sperm count. In any case, don’t expect spectacular results. The low sperm count can be eliminated, and couples can increase fertility, but there are some couples that can’t conceive even after a treatment of this kind.

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