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Sexually transmitted diseases and ability to get pregnant

Sexually transmitted diseases and ability to get pregnant Sexually transmitted venereal deseases are the diseases that are transmitted during the sexual intercourse. Mostly they are transmitted through the sexual intercourse but the source for the spread of this disease is the oral sex. The main reason due to which Sexually transmitted diseases are spreading rapidly is the unprotected sex. One can easily get effected with these kinds of disease if he or she is having the sexual intercourse with a number of different people or if have a sex with a person who is already infected with it.

Sexually transmitted diseases are also known as the Venereal disease. These diseases are quite common in the society now as 1 of the every 5 people out there is affected with it. It is also one of the common causes of infertility. Venereal disease is considered as one of the major causes of infertility.

Main causes of infertility

There may be many reasons due to which a woman cannot get pregnant and some of them are:

  • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease the most common cause of infertility and is caused by the Chlamydia, so special and serious chlamydia treatment is needed.
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome also known as Pcos caused by the imbalance hormones those are being produced in the woman.
  • Fibroids is a most common tumor in the woman. Sometimes these problems entail the appearance of deep cervical erosion.


A way to the healthy pregnancy

It is a wish of almost all the woman that they have a healthy pregnancy and have a normal delivery but sometimes due to the environmental factors, depressions and STD’s once may not be able to have a healthy pregnancy. There are many ways through which one can have a healthy pregnancy. One can either have the medicines and or have some light exercises so that she can have a normal delivery. Need to know when the delivery will come? Try our free online baby due date calculator!

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You are well aware of the fact that the woman is more infected to the STD’s than the man. Due to this she has to remain quite careful so that she can protect herself from the situations like this in which she have to answer the questions of people. STD’s and pregnancy have a very close relation with each other. Most of the time during the pregnancy the woman may face the STD’s.

So it is very important that they have the STD test. They can have the test in the private if they want it to keep it confidential. There are many tests through which you can detect the STD’s and during the pregnancy it is very important that you have that test. In this way you can have a healthy pregnancy and can protect your baby from many diseases.

The major among these diseases is the Chlamydia. The first question that arises in the mind when it comes it comes to Chlamydia is that can Chlamydia be cured? The answer to this question is yes. Due to the scientific researches and the success in the science almost all the disease can be cured easily. If you have symptoms of Chlamydia go and have a test. If it is detected you can take a course of medicines after which it will be cured. It is one of the STD’s that affect your lives.

Symptoms of STD in woman

STD’s are the reality of the today’s world. But if they are detected and you avoid them or have a cure of them you can easily stay safe from its major effects and can spend a healthy life. The most common Venereal disease is spread due to the sexual intercourse between the partners and the symptoms of this disease can be seen after few months of time. Due to this the detection becomes difficult and the STD’s are passed from one partner to the other. There are many symptoms of STD in woman but the most common ones are:

  • The most common and the first symptom of STD is the pain in the groin area or lower abdomen. These pains starts just after the few days and they are quite severe. These pains sometime reach the vaginal canal and can cause a lot of pain during the sex.
  • The other common symptom of STD in woman is the unfamiliar discharge from the vagina. In some cases a cloudy liquid is discharged during or immediately after the sexual intercourse. This may contain an infection due to which this cloud can also release blood with this liquid.
  • The last and the most obvious symptom is the skin irritation or the growth in the groin area. Some of the STD’s will make visible bumps or the skin lesions that will indicate the presence of the virus in the body.
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These were the most common symptoms of STD’s in the woman. If you find any one of them in yourself you can have an immediate test and can start the treatment. In this way you can protect yourself from various STD’s and can have a safe fertility.

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