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Prolactin and Fertility in Pregnancy

Prolactin and Fertility

What is Prolactin?

Prolactin (PRL), or Luteotropic hormone (LTH) is present in both men and women and it is manufactured for stimulating the milk production in pregnant women. It is also designed to increase the mammary glands of women that can help them to complete the breastfeeding. In fertility, its purpose is to regulate the women’s menstrual cycle and ovulation.

Prolactin and Fertility
Prolactin and Fertility

Actually it is a hormone that is present in a woman`s body and it is generated by the pituitary glands which is a small size gland and located below the brain. This hormone is not specific in women but men also have it and it develops many times during day and night.

Prolactin changes during pregnancy

The changes of prolactin hormones are normal when you become pregnant. It should increase for encouraging the milk production inside your glands of mammary. When you get pregnant, all hormones in your body are over their place. The levels of the estrogen star to increase and as a result it stimulated the rise of your prolactin levels in your body. After your deliver, your newly born baby starts feeding from your breasts and your breasts nipples will trigger more to increase the prolactin. In this situation, prolactin will encourage you to continue provide milk to your baby from your breasts for a long period of time.

Prolactin and Infertility

Prolactin is what that can help your body to increase the production of your breasts milk. The responsibilities of prolactin do not finish here, it also greatly affects your cycle of menstrual and ovulation. This is the major reason why a woman becomes pregnant rarely if she is also a breastfeeding woman. Prolactin consists of two hormones that are important for the ovulation. These hormones are gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH) and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH). If you have high levels of prolactin hormones in your body, then there are more chances that you will not ovulate and it also leads to the infertility. This condition of your body is known as hyperprolactinemia. These high levels of prolactin can also make your menstrual cycles irregular.

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Normal prolactin levels

Prolactin levels can be determined by using different units present in laboratories. As there are several units for measuring the levels of prolactin in your body so this can also cause much confusion. Normally, doctors use ng/ml units to measure the prolactin levels and normally the prolactin levels in women are not more than 20 ng/ml. advance units for measurement include pmol/l and you need to multiply your results with 44. It shows that the normal level of your prolactin is less than 700 mIU/L or pmol/l. there is no any problem if the level of prolactin is low.

High levels of prolactin can lead to the anovulation. There are some women who have hyperprolactinemia and milk discharges from their breasts when there is more milk stored in it. This condition is known as galactorrhea. If you are a patient of pituitary tumours then you also have very high levels of prolactin, and normally it is more than 100 NG/ml.

Prolactin and Fertility
Prolactin and Fertility

There could be many reasons behind the high prolactin levels and the most significant reason is stress. Due to this stress, the vebepuncture can also cause the elevation artificially in your levels of prolactin. So if your prolactin levels are high, then you should go for treatment and you should consult your doctor to reconfirm about your diagnose. Please do not forget to recheck this diagnosis before making any decision.

A marginal elevation of the level of your prolactin hormone has not significant clinical importance so you should not be worried about this. It seemed that some doctors highly concentrate on high prolactin levels and so they focus on treating them. As a result they stop making further testing or treatment of patient if they find that the levels of prolactin are high. But this is not a good technique. It does not make any sense and the work of infertility should be completed first.

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High prolactin levels in men

It might also possible that men have high levels of prolactin. If they have high prolactin levels, they also have azoospermia, erectile dysfunction and also decreased libido. This is not the major issue if it is diagnosed properly by a specialist. It can be treated by taking medications so you do not need to go for some other treatments that require more time as well as cost.

Prolactinoma is the major cause of induced prolactin infertility. It can results a tumor that grows on the pituitary gland.

There are a few things that may be responsible for your prolactin irregularities. In order to treat your infertility, you will need to determine what is at the bottom of your elevated prolactin levels. This tumor releases the excessive amount of prolactin hormones from your body. It is estimated that more than 10 percent of population have tumors in pituitary gland. Normally they do not take any risk regarding their health and besides infertility problem they can also interfere with the vision.

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