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Ovulation with irregular periods

There are many female issues which have become very common now days among females as it is reported that due to dieting issues women mostly do not take proper diet and miss those essential nutrients like iron, vitamins and minerals etc which are very essential for proper functioning of female reproductive system.

Drug addiction is also a very main cause of these diseases because any drug whether taken in low amount or high, has UN bearable effects on female reproduction system. Irregular Ovulation Cycle and irregular periods are also one of these issues. In this article, we will be discussing:

  • What is ovulation?
  • What is irregular ovulation cycle?
  • What are irregular periods?
  • What are causes of irregular periods?
  • What are causes of irregular ovulation cycle?
  • Irregular Periods and Getting Pregnant.


What is Ovulation?


Ovulation is a cycle in which a woman ovulates and releases egg. Ovulation occurs during menstrual cycle. For a woman, who wants to get pregnant or conceive must ovulate and have proper ovulation cycle. As ovulation is best time for a woman to conceive. We can say that period is a sign of ovulation. Ovulation bleeding occurs around the middle of a menstrual cycle. You should learn how to differ typical ovulation bleeding from implantation bleeding.

What is Irregular Ovulation Cycle?

An irregular ovulation cycle is the cycle in which woman is unable to ovulate. It is mostly experienced during menopause phase and is a sign of infertility. If a woman faces ovulation issues before menopause then she might have infertility issues and will face difficulties in conceiving. It is very common disease in women at any age but it is not normal to the females who are in the age to get pregnant and can conceive. irregular menstrual cycle is mainly due to irregular periods.

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What are irregular Periods?

Irregular periods mean that woman is not having proper periods cycle or related issues. She may be having menstrual or period cycle either less than 21 days or greater than 36 days. It is also referred to be irregular period cycle if you are not having periods every month. It is also normal if you had periods of 14days this month, of 3 days next month and some 20 days in the coming next month. Irregular periods are often the painful periods. Heavy periods are also referred as irregular periods at times. Irregular periods are often in almost every female’s life. Like there are many factors which effect menstrual periods and make them irregular. Stress is a very common of these factors. So a woman usually does not worry if she has skipped one period cycle in year. But if this ratio increases and become more often you need to go to a fertility clinic and get examined as early as possible. As, irregular periods have to do a lot with your pregnancy. In such cases you are not supposed to take fertility drugs to get pregnant. Also tracking ovulation with irregular periods is not easy. Only your doctor can tell about it by detailed examination.

What are causes of irregular period?

Some times irregular periods/abnormal periods are sign of irregular ovulation cycle. In such ovulation cycles ovulation does not take place in women and so if woman do not ovulates, she can not get pregnant. Irregular periods may be a symptom of PCOS, a nervous system based issue of ovulation. Here are some causes of irregular periods:

  • Hormonal imbalance in woman is at times lead to infertility issues like irregular ovulation. There are cases when females are seen to ovulate with hormonal imbalance but when you are ovulating in such conditions; risks are very high for pregnancy.
  • Drug addiction also causes irregular periods and also effect urinary system. So, woman should quit smoking and all drugs for her reproduction system health. Most of side effects of smoking are described in the articles published in our portal. You should learn how to stop smoking to prevent all the risks of smoking for women fertility and pregnancy.
  • Being over weight or under weight may also become a reason to disturb menstrual cycle.
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What are causes of irregular ovulation?

Irregular ovulation has many causes and they need a brief and deep study for getting them properly. But still we list out the causes in general. Here are some:

  • Hormonal imbalance always has a vital role in all reproductive issues of women.
  • Excess of exercise can become a cause as excessive exercises result in hormonal imbalance. Athletes at times are reported to not have menstrual cycle either.
  • Many syndromes of reproduction cycle like PCOS, tumors, LUTEAL phase detect and other diseases are the main causes.

As periods are the sign of ovulation, ovulation is a sign of being ready to get pregnant. Periods without ovulation mean no fertility chances. So in short periods and pregnancy are must for each other.

Irregular Periods and Getting Pregnant

Irregular periods become greatest concern of the ladies trying to conceive. Irregular periods always do not mean that you can not get pregnant but mostly do. You get pregnant when does ovulation occur. There are cases when women ovulate even with irregular periods and have pregnancies as well. So there are chances that irregular periods and pregnancy may occur together. But such cases are very low. And the women who want to conceive should be treated for irregular periods.

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