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Male masturbation Effects on Common Male Fertility And Sperm Count

Male masturbation Effects on Common Male Fertility And Sperm Count Masturbation is self-stimulating for erotic pleasure; it can also be mutually enjoyable activity for sexual partners (mutual masturbation). It offers sexual release, which may be interpreted by the person as overall tension or anxiety relief. Masters (1998) reported that women may find masturbation to orgasm the most satisfying sexual expression and use it more commonly than men.

Masturbation: the closer look

Children between 2 and 6 years of age discover masturbation as an enjoyable activity as they explore their bodies. Children who are under a high level of tension may become accustomed to using masturbation as means of falling asleep at night or at naptime. They do this without any attempt at concealment because they have not yet been affected by society’s view that such activity should be private.

School-age children continue to use this masturbation for enjoyment or to relieve tension, but they perform such activities in private. Counseling parents about what is normal or to be expected must be achieved. In a hospital setting, a school-age child may assume that he or she has more privacy than actually exists. Such an assumption means that a child may be discovered masturbating if someone walks unannounced into the room.

After reproductive tract surgery or childbirth, many adult men and women are concerned with how soon they will be able to have sexual relations again without feeling pain. They may masturbate to orgasm to test whether everything in their body is still functional, much as the preschooler does.

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The male masturbation

It is normal for a guy masturbating at times when they feel anxious and stressed out. This is their way of relieving the tension. However, there are many speculations that a man masturbating regularly can affect common male fertility and sperm count which may lead to infertility. The answer is NO! According to Dr. Erik P. Castle, he stated that frequent male masturbation will not influence on the ability of the man to impregnate his partner. Having a frequent masturbation will not affect the count and quality of the man’s sperm. This axiom was tested by several repeated semen analysis.

If a man involves in a sexual intercourse with his partner for several times a week with ejaculation will enhance the chance of getting his partner pregnant even if masturbation occurs or not.

By the way, do you know about a possibility to become pregnant by mutual masturbation without direct penetration? If so, then you need to study few masturbation tips that will lower the chance of such kind of pregnancy.

The Advantage of masturbation

There are questions pertaining to this concern. Some may ask “is masturbation good?” Well the answer is yes. Given the right explanation from an expert says Ian Kerner, PhD, the author of She Comes First, that a male masturbating provides them an outlet of releasing their tension. This way, they can also help themselves to control their ejaculation if this could be their problem during sexual intercourse. Premature Ejaculation is one of the most common incidences why most couples are not given the chance to have pregnancy. Probably it is because of this condition. One way of helping the male individual manage this problem is to do masturbation.

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Masturbation can also help them to explore their body parts to the extent which gives them arousal. In here, they can identify other means on how to make a fully erected penis that could somehow require them to do this activity. In some case, sexual intercourse also requires both to become arouse. This way they can achieve their sexual needs and attain the orgasm period. However, if one of them is not fully aroused then the activity will not be successful. Frequent masturbation can help the guy to identify spots of his body that could arouse him.

Another interesting question about this activity would mind experts to think. Other will ask “is masturbation healthy?” Studies demonstrated that ejaculation decreases the risk of cancer- but this do not fully mean masturbation. It also comprises good and traditional sexual intercourse.

This activity is considered healthy for both man and woman. This permit an individual to identify with what awakens them and their senses which make them feel more in determining their side of sexuality. Although there are still people who do not consider this activity because of ethical and moral values that it can imply to their beliefs. However, this does not mean that they are not interested with the pleasure and sexual concerns.

The disadvantage of masturbation

The other side of the coin may wonder us to think this way. “Is masturbation harmful?” There are lots of opinions pertaining to this issue. First, scientifically and medically speaking masturbation is known to have a good effect that can lower the incidence of prostate cancer and other problems when they become old. People who masturbated regularly instead of having normal sexual intercourse are found to be effective for this reason. Moreover you may possibly be allergic to your own semen. However, when masturbating becomes an addiction this can be very harmful to men`s health. Recently there is a report shown on the television that a teenager in Brazil died because of excessive masturbation. He masturbates at least 42 times in a day which is way beyond the normal frequency of masturbating. The boy died of cardiovascular problem.

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