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Low progesteron and its deficiency treatment

Progesterone is known to be as one of the very basic female hormones. Progesterone is produced in early cycles of menstrual cycle and it is produced in ovaries. It is responsible for the later half cycle changes of menstrual cycle. It is very important in metabolism stimulation and hormones control in women. It maintains pregnancy in women.

Progesterone prepares the uterus for a fertilized egg implantation and maintaining uterus throughout the pregnancy. So, if there is any kind of hormone deficiency in progesterone level in women there will be many other issues, waiting for you. Progesterone is very vital in women sexual life. The steroid hormone causes physical changes in women body and alters mental conditions.

Symptoms of Low Progesterone

Just like vaginal dryness and other women diseases, low progesterone is also very common in young women along with older women. In younger ladies low progesterone level is in form of Premenstrual Syndrome. Some of the symptoms of low progesterone level are as follows:

  • Women have to suffer with infertility due to low progesterone level. It is obvious as I have described earlier the importance of Progesterone in pregnancy. At times due to low progesterone level women are not able ovulate, thus making women infertile.
  • Premenstrual syndrome can be due to low progesterone level. In premenstrual syndrome women may have mood swings and anxiety etc.
  • Women may face miscarriage due to low progesterone level as progesterone is very vital in pregnancy maintenance.
  • Women with low progesterone level are reported to have extremely high bleeding in menstrual cycles.
  • Women with low progesterone level experiences irregular menstrual cycle. They may have 20 days cycle instead of regular 28 days cycle.
  • Women may face the flow issue in menstrual cycles that they had heavy flow in this month but no periods at all in next month. This is very often in low progesterone level women.
  • Low Progesterone level may cause Ovarian cysts.
  • Women with low progesterone levels may face serious depressions.
  • Insomnia is also seen in women having low progesterone levels and chronic fatigue syndrome without any reason and memory loss is also very important.
  • It has been observed that water accumulation in body is high at low progesterone levels.
  • You have weight gain only around the abdomen; you may have low progesterone level.
  • Vaginal dryness is also a symptom.
  • Women are seemed to have low immunity and hot flashes while suffering to the issue.
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Cause of low progesterone

There are many reasons that women is suffering from low progesterone level. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Women suffering from stress in their lives are reported to have high rates of low progesterone level than others.
  • Women having totally non vegetarian food also have the issue of progesterone due to high levels of estrogen coming in to the body. This imbalance causes them to suffer a lot.
  • Birth control pills at times cause high estrogen release which causes progesterone level imbalance in turn.


Sings of low progesterone

Women can have progesterone deficiency just after their teen ends, some of the common symptoms are:

  • Weight gain around abdomen;
  • Fatigue, pain and depression;
  • Irregular menstrual cycle;
  • Infertility and pregnancy issues;
  • Headache, dry eyes and muscle pain;
  • Panic attacks;
  • Estrogen dominant symptoms.


Treatment of low progesterone

There are many herbal as well as allopathic treatments are available in market which are used by the women. Here are some herbal remedies to handle with the progesterone level. It is said that herbal remedies are best for any female diseases as they do not have any side effect like other medicines. There are many foods for fertility which can increase progesterone level in females. Just look on proper preconception diet plans! There are such herbs, fruits and herbs which can serve the cause. Here are some remedies containing natural progesteron:

  • At times doctors prescribe the synthetic progesterone which is in form of pills, creams and injections. These remedies are very fast acting having some serious side effects at times if not taken properly.
  • Cinnamon, a herb containing natural progesterone is found to be good in several progesterone issues. It not only levels up the progesterone but also treats the immunity issues.
  • ZHUYUN is known to be as a combination of herbs taken by the women to increase their fertility. It increases the progesterone release in women body. Recently researches were made on it and scientists came across with the point that this herb is not as useful as it is considered to cure almost all female diseases. It is useful for progesterone and for some other issues but not for every issue. So unnecessary taking of medicine even it is an herb is not good.
  • VITEX, herb, has the very good effect on pituitary gland. It handles to flow and proper release of women hormones.
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