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How to Become a Surrogate Mother

For some couples, even treatments for infertility with procedures such as IVF are not successful. These couples need to consider still other options.

Surrogate mothers – Alternatives to ordinary childbirh

A surrogate mother is a woman who agrees to carry a pregnancy to term for an infertile couple (Jadva et al). the surrogate may provide the ova and be impregnated by the man’s sperm. In other instances, the ova and sperm both may be donated by the infertile couple, or ova and sperm donor may be used. This is medically known as artificial insemination. What is a surrogate mother? The surrogate mothers are often friends or family members who assume the role out of friendship or compassion, or they can be referred to the couple through an agency or attorney and receive monetary reimbursement for their service. The infertile couple can enjoy the pregnancy as they watch it progress in the surrogate.

Being a surrogate mother

This is not an easy task since a woman needs to face some dilemmas in life. This pertains to emotional, physical and moral aspect. The most inevitable situation that could happen in surrogate motherhood is when the gestational mother develops a maternal-fetal relationship that has something to do with emotional feelings. Giving away the child after bearing the pain and discomforts for the whole 9 months could be very difficult.

Qualifications for becoming a surrogate monther

There are standards that must be met by a certain applicant who wishes to become a surrogate mother. The following are the common bases for qualifying an applicant:

  • A woman should have regular menstrual period with 30 days cycle is recommended;
  • She should be physically, emotionally and mentally fit to face the debilitating pregnancy risk;
  • She should have a health insurance (optional) if not must make an arrangements with the agency or the intended couple to get one;
  • A legal resident;
  • She must be at the legal age or included in the normal period of having pregnancy (around 18-35 years old);
  • She must not have a history of abortion, miscarriage, stillbirth and other maternal-related condition;
  • She should have at least delivered a healthy baby from her previous pregnancy (if necessary);
  • She must be aware about the legal rights pertaining to surrogacy that is based on the lawful practices of the country.
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Fair compensation

The compensation for becoming a surrogate mother is based on the surrogacy contracts of a certain agency. Since being a recipient of gestational surrogacy is not an easy task, the intended parents or couple must be aware that the financial needs for bearing a child can cost them a lot of money. They need to understand the expenses needed to bear the child along the process of pregnancy period. This must be included in the surrogacy arrangements wherein the need for shelter, clothing, foods and other physiologic needs that are part of the surrogacy motherhood must be taken care of the intended couples.

Agency of private

If you are planning to become a surrogate mother, you should consider this concern pertaining to your affiliation. It is either you choose to be involved in a certain surrogacy agency or you do it on your own. If you decide to be in an agency, you should be aware of the agency’s policy pertaining to surrogacy. By selecting an appropriate institution for you, you must make sure that they provide you with fair and justified agreements with regards to your rights as a surrogate mother including the financial compensation. If you decide to do on your own, make sure that when dealing with intended couples or parents must provide you with fair and appropriate agreements as well.

Choosing a couple

If you decide to be a surrogate mother you must consider this concern. When choosing a couple, you have to know your opinion and wishes. This is very essential and it can affect the entire process of surrogacy. There are many surrogacy agencies available that allows you to choose from their available couples.

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Forge lifelong relationships

Since you are a surrogate mother, this could not intently mean that you no longer have the right to visit the couple or child after your delivery. Most of the intended couples and surrogate mothers may enjoy a lifelong relationship that develops all throughout the growing years of the child. This makes you and the intended family bonds special.

Advices and warnings

  • Once you decide to become a surrogate mother and wishes to be a part of the surrogacy agency, it is best for you to look for more than one agency that can meet your needs and criteria.
  • Selecting a couple must be catered accordingly before involving yourself in surrogacy.
  • After choosing the appropriate agency, you must discuss to them about your fears and other concerns.
  • Make sure that you should also meet the standards required by the chosen surrogacy agency.
  • You need to be aware that surrogacy motherhood is very stressful. You have to deal with all the risk and complications that might set in along the process of pregnancy. Talk to your family and friends.

Discuss this matter and ask for their opinion. Weigh the advantage and disadvantages of surrogacy that has something to do with emotional, physical and moral aspect.

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