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Getting Pregnant After Contraceptive pills and other Birth Control

Getting Pregnant After Contraceptive pills and other Birth Control Majority of the women use birth control pills when they do not want to conceive. These pills prevent pregnancy by stopping your ovulation and if you do not ovulate then there is no chance to get pregnant. If you are trying to conceive then you will need to ovulate otherwise this is impossible for any couple to have baby in future. So if you are using the birth controlling pills the first step that you will need to perform for getting pregnant is to stop using them. For pregnancy, wait until the pack of your pills finishes and when you are done with your first pack then don’t use the new pack. Many women ask for how long they have to wait to get pregnant after using contraceptive pills? Well! The answer is quite obvious, it depends on for how long you used the pills but this is not the case for all women. Some women get pregnant within months after stopping them for these pills but some women can require even years to balance their hormones.

You should not wait for specific time period after contraceptive pills and other birth controls to get a safe pregnancy. You should try to conceive as soon as you stopped yourself from taking the pills as it will be safe for you to get pregnant. Do not curious if you do not get pregnant as it may require some time to start your ovulation again after stopping them by taking pills. Some women may start their ovulation after one to two weeks after stopping birth controls while some could take more time to balance their hormones. Ovulation may not occur for long period of time or it may be delayed for long time in case you had started using these pills initially because at the start, your period were not regular and you already had ovulation problems.

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No menstrual period after the pills

There are many different birth controls methods that you can adopt to stop your ovulation. Combined contraceptive pill has both progesterone and estrogen pills and it is one of the most commonly used oral contraceptives. Due to satisfactory results, these pills are very popular and are most selling birth controls in Unites States. They can stop female ovulation by maintaining the levels of hormones and also suppressing the other hormones which develop in women’s body naturally and stimulate the ovaries in order to ripen and then release egg. So if you start using combined oral contraceptive pill then you will be able to stop an egg from growth or releasing for that menstrual cycle. When you stop using these pills, the level of constant hormone stop the ovulation and your body will start producing its own hormones but it may need time for gaining the normal rhythm again. A time will come when the egg will become mature enough to release.

How to improve the chance to predict ovulation day?

If you want to increase the chances of predicting that what would be the day of your ovulation then you can use any of the below method:

  • Basal body temperature thermometer is very is very suitable toll for finding your ovulation day. You can use this basal body thermometer to predict yourself without consulting your doctor and make a temperature chart.
  • Check out your cervical mucus to find whether the signs of ovulation occurred or not.
  • You can use ovulation prediction kit, abbreviated as “OPK”. If you desire to have sex with your partner regularly in a day or after every day and in this time you think that your ovulation forecast kit demonstrates that you are ready to ovulate or you are ovulating now then make sure that you don’t overlook the day in complete ovulation. In case your menstrual period does not start again and it does not come regularly for few months then it shows the possibility that you have not ovulating regularly so in this situation, you will have to wait until you start ovulation regularly.
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Birth control intrauterine device (IUD)

Intrauterine device is a plastic device in T-shape and it is placed inside the uterus in order to stop pregnancy. Leyonorgestrel intrauterine system or Mirena is the latest hormonal IUD which is currently used in United States. Some researchers say that this device is much more effective than other traditional methods of contraception, in particular, emergency morning-after pills, contraceptive sponge, or Depo-Provera shot.

To place it in correct position and to remove it from the uterus, a plastic string is attached at its other end. It is the easiest form of birth control as they can be removed easily. You should go to the medical professional for its removal. If you want to become pregnant, simply remove intrauterine device from your uterus. If your cycle does not return by the three months or more than this after you stop taking pills then you should see your Ob-Gyn and make discussion about what to do next.

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