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What is Spermicide

What is Spermicide Birth control is a major concern of all women around the world and they try many different methods to keep unwanted pregnancies at bay during their fertile and productive years. Some of the methods are hormonal in nature utilizing female hormones that bring side effects on the health of many women. Every woman being unique, it is better to adopt a birth control method that is most suitable physically and emotionally rather than going in for a method that is most popular. Spermicide is a substance that is fatal for male sperms and used all over the world as a birth control method by women. However, what is Spermicide is a common question encountered by gynecologists from their women clients as these women are interested in knowing more about this wonderful birth control method. There are also queries about vaginal spermicides and spermicides effectiveness.

What is Spermicide and how effective it is


With increasing incidents of teenage pregnancies, it is important to create awareness among kids about the risks of unprotected sex. There is also a greater than ever need to make them aware about products that are available to them to prevent unwanted pregnancies. One such product is Spermicide that is available in the market in many forms like creams, lotions, sprays, gels etc.

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Do you know the basic principle behind the working of Spermicide?

Most of the spermicides contain a chemical called nonoxynol-9 which instantly kills all sperms before they are able to swim into the uterus to fertilize a female egg. Though vaginal spermicides can be used alone as a method of birth control, it is prudent to use them in conjunction with other methods such as condom and diaphragm to increase one’s safety net against unwanted pregnancy. If how do I use Spermicide is what you are thinking, you must apply the product at least 15 minutes before having vaginal intercourse with your partner as these products take time to get dissolved and become effective against male sperms. Another thing to remember is that these products provide protection for a maximum duration of 1 hour. So if 1 hour has passed after application and you think you can have sex now, it is better to have another round of application of the Spermicide. Every product available in the market serving the purpose of a Spermicide has instructions for usage telling exactly how much time before sex it must be used by a woman.

Making sense of spermicide

  • It is a chemical that kills sperms;
  • It can be applied locally easily by a woman;
  • It is available as an over the counter product;
  • A woman can carry the product in her vanity;
  • It is easily used just before sexual intercourse to avoid unwanted pregnancy.


How effective is Spermicide alone as a method of birth control

This is a natural and logical question asked by most women as they want a safe and effective birth control method. To be frank, it has been found that accidental pregnancies in cases where couples relied on spermicidals alone has been much higher than in case of other methods of birth control. This is why most women use other methods of contraception in conjunction with spermicides. If what are the benefits of spermicides is your question, it can be said that it is a very easy method of contraception as all a woman has to do is to take out this cream from her purse and apply the cream inside her vagina just before the intercourse. Good thing about spermicides is that they are non-scented, non-staining, and even lubricative in nature making them a good companion for a woman to have in her vanity bag.

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Even when used according to the instructions and properly, there is a 18% chance of conception in case of spermicides. This percentage goes up to 29 when one makes use of these products in a careless manner. This implies that it makes sense to not rely on the effectiveness of spermicides alone and make use of other barrier methods such as condo or diaphragm to ensure there is no unwanted and undesired pregnancy. Because of a large number of cases where a woman got pregnant despite making use of a Spermicide, do spermicides work is a common refrain of women. If what are the disadvantages of Spermicide is what is on your mind, its low rate of effectiveness can be cited as the biggest drawback of this method of birth control.

Know the cons of spermicides as well

There are some more disadvantages in the form of side effects of spermicides. Many women report itching and a burning sensation when they apply this product inside their vaginas. Some of the less common side effects of spermicides are yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis. However, the very fact that spermicides are very inexpensive, easy to carry, and convenient to use makes them very popular among women who tend to keep these creams and gels in their vanity bags to avoid unwanted pregnancies. Just remember that you should not rely on their effectiveness and use another method of birth control in conjunction.

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