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Nuvaring (Vaginal Ring) and its effectivity

What is Nuvaring

Better control over pregnancies has given women of today much more liberty and freedom as they now can decide when to conceive and when to keep postponing pregnancy. This means women can not only enjoy their sex lives, they can also choose to add to their family when they feel it is the right time and they are ready to shoulder the responsibility.

There are many methods of prevention of pregnancies, for example, so-called the morning-after pills, or contraceptive sponge, etc. One of the most effective contraceptive methods is a nuvaring. What is Nuvaring? Nuvaring is a vaginal ring that is a hormonal birth control ring. Many women, not aware of this contraception method ask how I use the vaginal ring. A woman has to simply place the ring inside her vagina in such a way that she does not feel discomfort and let it remain there for three weeks. It has to be taken out only when the periods start and remains in place during sex. How does vaginal ring work is a question asked by millions of women despite Nuvaring being sold for so many years now.

Working principle behind vaginal ring

Women keep referring to Nuvaring as Nova ring and Nuvo ring but that is irrelevant or not a major issue as long as they keep using this means of contraception. However, how does Nuvaring work is a question that needs to be answered as most women want to know how something as delicate and small helps them in avoiding unwanted pregnancies? For those who do not know about the working principle of Nova ring, it contains hormones like progestin and estrogen that form the basis of most contraceptive devices like patches and pills. The difference between hormonal contraceptive devices lies in the fashion in which hormones are sought to be delivered. In the case of the ring, these hormones get absorbed by the bloodstream continuously through vaginal wall.

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Absorption of progestin ensures there is no ovulation or releasing of eggs by the ovaries. The lining of the ovary also becomes very thin making it harder for a fertilized egg to get implanted. The male sperm finds it hard to travel and enter the uterus as cervical mucus becomes thick. There is no way a vaginal ring can ever get lost inside the vagina. It stays inside because of the muscle structure of the vagina and at best can slip out during intercourse or exercise. There is a wall inside in the form of cervix wal that ensures the ring stays in its place

Nuvaring is safe and effective

How effective is Nuvaring is a question uppermost in the minds of ladies who are used to eating contraception pills. This is because no woman would want to take a risk with a contraceptive and become pregnant. How safe is the vaginal ring is an associated question that women are interested in knowing as after all, the use of Nova ring is linked with their health. As far as effectiveness is concerned, according to studies done by FDA, the vaginal ring is 99% effective in preventing pregnancies if it is used as per instructions on the label of the product. This means that the effectiveness of the ring is similar to patches and better than pills that are so very popular among ladies.

Women want to make sure a vaginal ring is better than pills in every respect before adopting it whole heartedly. What are the benefits of Nuva ring is a question that reflects this desire on the part of the women.

  • Just because the ring stays inside the body and keeps releasing the medication, it is more effective than other means of contraception and has fewer side effects.
  • The ring is inserted only once a month and need not be taken daily like pills.
  • Your male partner does not even notice you have a vaginal ring inside.
  • Ovulation is back as soon as you remove the ring.
  • Progestin release makes cervical mucus thick lowering the risk of PID.
  • It even reduces risks of ovarian cysts.
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No medication is completely safe or without side effects. What are the disadvantages of vaginal ring is a natural question to ask. The most common Nuvaring side effects are increased discharge from the vagina, headaches, nausea, irritation and infection in vagina, and weight gain. Your doctor may prescribe vitamin pills to reduce nausea and vomiting. Nuvaring side effects are mild and go away quickly.

It is cheap way to keep unwanted pregnancies at bay

If you are thinking how I get the vaginal ring, vagina ring is available over the counter but it is better to get a prescription from your doctor which is easy to get. If how do I start the vagina ring is what you are thinking, just place it inside your vagina by holding the lips of the labia apart by your one hand and shove it deeper if you feel discomfort. Nuvaring cost is $15-$80 a month which is peanuts for the benefits it gives to a woman.

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