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Most Popular Birth Control Methods In Order of Effectiveness

Most Popular Birth Control Methods In Order of Effectiveness For thousands of years, people are using birth control methods. Nowadays we have a lot of secure and effective birth control methods accessible to us. People, who require birth control, should find the method for him/her. Each of us has diverse requirements when selecting a method. You have to learn about each method and that will help you to make your decision. You can use the list of birth control methods below to study about the methods. Only you can choose the best one.

Today I found about birth control methods on the FDA website and their chart of contraceptives, whole with efficiency ratings. I have selected the 12 most accepted forms of birth control methods after going through the list and I set them according to their effectiveness.

Common Birth Control Methods List

It is the most effective method (100% effective) to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Though, in the first year of committing to abstinence, a lot of couples become pregnant as they have sex in any case but don’t utilize safety methods. So maybe it’s an excellent idea for those people who don’t plan to have sex to be learned about birth control.

Its efficiency rate is 99.91% when used perfectly and through this I denote the implant that forces you full of birth control, not breast implants, which may contain the opposite outcome.

Vasectomy and tubal ligation – both are surgical actions of sterilization and both can be equally expensive and hard to reverse and should be measured everlasting. Both systems are 100% effectual at preventing pregnancy.

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Completely a latest type of sterilization for a woman. Essure are little springs which are positioned into the fallopian tubes with a stuff that causes scratching and sterilization of the tubes after a while. It is around 99.9% effective in preventing pregnancy beginning three months following the method.

It is a hormone injection given to women and this process acts like a shield against pregnancy for 12 weeks. When the first injection of depo-provera is given within five days of the start of a menstrual period, it works instantly. Examples of side effect- unbalanced periods, nuisances, weight increase and more. This is 99% effective at preventing pregnancy.

“The intrauterine device” is a tiny plastic thing that is positioned into the uterus to put a stop to pregnancy through the utilization of hormones and copper. One variety can be reserved in position for five years, and one for ten years. It causes severe side effects rarely. The IUD is 98% successful at preventing pregnancy.

The Pill
Pills are 99.9% effective when used perfectly / 95% effective when used imperfectly. It is nearly perfect. However my main problem with it is that it’s so reliant on the woman. I indicate that it’s one pill, daily and at the same time- doesn’t look like that much responsibility, however women are not remembering always. The Pill is helpful, but I wish for the male version, because I don’t have much trust in women being able to keep in mind an essential task.

Condoms, a diaphragm, and others

Condoms are 97% effective when used perfectly. Male and female condoms equally facilitate to protect against pregnancy and give a level of safety from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). If a condom is used correctly all the time, it is 97% effectual at defending pregnancy.

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Pull Out Method
Pull out method is 96% effective. Just 1% less then condom, but with not any of the STD safety. I am quite shocked to see this high rate. In favor of all the hype about how pregnancy can occur by accident yet before ejaculation, only if a guy’s acquired ultimate pull out discipline, it’s only ONE percent less effectual than condoms.

Diaphragms 94% effective when used absolutely. Diaphragms are quite much completed for, at least with this modern generation. Less than 2% women are using birth control pop in a diaphragm. The Rhythm Method- The rhythm method is 91-99% successful when used rightly. The rhythm method has to perform with scheduling sex around the woman’s menstrual series.

Female condoms
It is 95% effective when used rightly / 79% effective when used incorrectly. Female condom seems like some sort of unholy jellyfish. And in fact, not the sort of jellyfish that are mainly dependable when it appears to prevent pregnancy.

There are more than a dozen birth control methods on the bazaar which prevent pregnancy to some extent but do not shield against sexually transmitted diseases (STD). Partners must not be scared to find out each other’s sexual history and to suggest examining the disease before interaction. Each sexually active person has the duty to concern for his or her body and to look after against unwanted pregnancy and disease.

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