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Modern Birth Control Types and Methods

Here we present popular information for women about modern birth control options. This article covers most types of birth control with their benefits and side effects.

There are many birth control methods that people are trying to use, but no one can state which methods is the best one since every method has its pros and cons. In this article various contraceptives will be discussed, analyzed and compare so you can choose the best method for birthcontrol different contraception’s.

The best way is make uninformed decision and you can only do so if you have sufficient knowledge regarding the different methods. So what are the different types of contraceptives?

Types of Birth Control Available

  • The first way that doesn’t involve drugs is abstinence. Abstinence simple means to not indulge in something. Abstinence in this case means sexual intercourse, so one needs to refrain from penetrating into a woman’s body, in order to prevent pregnancy. Couples can get involved in other experiences that may relieve them of the frustration. This is perhaps, the easiest method to preventing pregnancy.
  • Another type of birth control includes using implants which is made out of Nexplanon and Implanon. The implant is about the size of a matchstick and its cost varies from around $400 to $800. The birthcontrol implant is a good option since it has to be inserted once and it can last up to three whole years.
  • A third type of contraception is a patch. A patch is a small stick on that you can use to stick on to your body and it very easy to use. The patch is very convenient and easy to use as you can get it easily through a prescription. Also, all you need to do is stick it onto your skin and you will be pregnancy free.
  • Another type is a birth control pills and the morning-after pills. These pills need to be taken every day around the same time and you are good to go. Such pills are easily available in all health stores and they usually cost from around $15 to $50.
  • The birth control shot known as Depo-Provera is another method that can be used to prevent child birth. The Depo-Provera is an injection that has to be administered by a doctor and you have to get it once every three months. This method is more than 99 percent effective in terms of preventing child birth.
  • Another method of birth control is to use a contraceptive sponge, which is a kind of a foamy sponge that is inserted into the vagina. It costs from around $9 to $15 and is immensely cost effective and easy to use.
  • There is product known as a vaginal ring that can be used as a contraceptive. It is basically a ring made out of plastic that contains hormones that stop childbirth. The ring needs to be inserted at all times, however it should be taken out at the time of menstruation.
  • Lactational Amenorrhea Method is an alternative name for breastfeeding. Women can prevent pregnancy by breastfeeding their child. This method is perhaps the best way, since it requires no drugs, prescriptions and ingestion of materials, however, it has a time span which means that it last for up to six months after the woman gives birth.
  • A fem cap is another type of measure that women can take. It is also known as a Cervical cap, which is made out of plastic and has to be inserted into the vagina. This cap lasts for up to two years and costs from $60 up to $75.
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Condoms, a diaphragm and other common methods

  • The most common way that is used by women and men is to use male condoms, and female condoms. Condoms are perhaps the most popular method of contraception. The condom is made out of latex or plastic and is worn on the male’s penis. It can be used only once and to increase the chances of protection, it can be used with the combination of pill taken by the woman. A great thing about the condom is that is prevents the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases hence it provides double protection. Moreover, it is the best and most cost efficient method since condoms are usually available for free or do not cost more than $1.
  • The diaphragm is also a popular method for preventing child birth. It is a shallow cup made out of plastic that has to be inserted into the vagina. This has to be done by a professional and it lasts for up to two years, meaning that it is very effective. It costs from around $15 up to $75.
  • The female condom is also available which is similar to a male condom but only larger is size. It has to be inserted deep into the vagina and can be used only once like a male condom. It costs up to $4 and can be used to prevent transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.
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