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How to Use a Female Condom

Most people are aware about male condoms as an effective way of birth control, but most people aren’t aware of a female condom. The female condom is quite similar to the male condom, expect for the fact that it is much larger in size and it has the shape of a pouch. The female condom like the male condom also protects from the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases apart from protecting from child birth. This particular condom has rings that can be stretched and contracted at the opposite ends and is inserted into the vagina before the occurrence of sexual intercourse. Basically one of the rings are inserted deep into the vagina, while the other end with the ring stays out of the vagina. This is the correct way of using this condom, to ensure maximum protection.

How do they work

These condoms work in a similar way as the male condoms. What happens is the condom accumulates the precum or the semen that is ejaculated at the time of ejaculation. This semen contains sperms which if reaches the uterus can combine with an egg and pregnancy can occur. However, if the semen doesn’t enter into the uterus pregnancy cannot take place. Moreover, since the semen may transfer sexually transmitted diseases, if it doesn’t reach the body, the chances of these sexually transmitted diseases transferring become zero. Perhaps, the condoms are the easiest and safest way to protect you from any sexually transmitted diseases.

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How effective are these condoms

Before you choose any particular birth control method, you should make sure that it is the safest and most effective one, so as to provide you with the best protection. Condom effectiveness can be ensured through its proper use. If you use this condom in an effective way, the chances of someone getting pregnant are 2 out of a 100 females. It doesn’t matter if you have given birth before or not, the condom effectiveness doesn’t depend on it. However, if the condom isn’t used in a proper way, then the condom effectiveness decreases greatly as it is said that out of a 100 women who do not use the condom in a proper way, 25 are bound to get pregnant.

Condoms are perhaps the most effective type of birth control, since they are available for free or are very cheap even if they are sold for money. Moreover, they are perhaps the only medical way of child birth that has no side effects at all. The only problem that can occur is if one of the partners is allergic to plastic or latex. In this case what one of them could do, is use another type of condom that is made out of the material, the person isn’t allergic to. Female condoms are very easy to use and can be used by those females with great ease who are in the habit of using tampons during menstruations.

The Advantage of using female condoms

There are numerous benefits of choosing the condom as an alternative to protection during sex. Amongst a few of the advantages include the following:

  • The protection can be doubled if both the man and the woman use condoms;
  • There is a shared sense of responsibility of safe sex by both partners;
  • They are very inexpensive;
  • They are easily available;
  • They are very convenient and easy to use;
  • They can be inserted by your partner as well with great ease;
  • The method is very painless and doesn’t provide any discomfort;
  • Doesn’t cause any type of hindrance during sex;
  • Has to side effects;
  • Doesn’t cause any damage to the hormones of females;
  • They can be purchased over the counter, which means that there isn’t any prescription required;
  • May prolong the period of sexual activity.
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The drawbacks of using these condoms

There are no particular side effects recorded with the use of condoms, however in some cases minor discomfort can be caused by the use of these condoms, especially if you are allergic to latex or plastic. In that case you cannot simply use the condom as an option. However, you have numerous other alternatives to choose from. Amongst a few of the problems that these condoms can cause include:

  • Allergic reaction;
  • Irritation and swelling of the vagina;
  • It may slip inside the vagina during sex.

There are many different condom sizes present. Most people go for the standard or regular size, however, if you know your size you can choose from small condom sizes to medium condom sizes and also large condom sizes.

Another thing that you should be careful about is broken condom. Broken condoms are said to cause unwanted pregnancies in a lot of cases and if you want to escape from such a thing happening, you would worry about broken condoms.

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