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Diaphragm Usage as an Effective Birth Control Method

Diaphragm as Birth Control Birth control is a necessity that is being fulfilled in many different ways all over the world to have space between children as also have a small family. Long before the modern methods of birth control like hormonal pills and intrauterine devices, diaphragm was invented as a means of birth control. Like a condom, a diaphragm works as a barrier and prevents conception. However, it is to be inserted inside the vagina of a woman and not to be worn by a man as is the case with a condom. Good thing about diaphragm as birth control is that it can be used by a woman to prevent pregnancy as and when needed. It can be washed and kept aside to be used again in future.

Despite being used by millions around the world, what is a diaphragm is a question on the lips of most women as they are unaware about this barrier mode of birth control. Of course women around the world are looking for safe methods of birth control, and as diaphram gives them better control, more and more are switching over to this birth control method. How does the diaphragm work and how effective is the diaphragm are routine questions that women throw at their gynecologists. In simplest of words, a diaphram is a soft rubber cup that is dome shaped and has a flexible rim. The dome is sprayed with a spermicidal jelly. A woman needs to press at the rim to allow the dome to go onside her vagina and fit beside cervix. This dome comes in different sizes to suit the physical sizes of various women but first time insertion must be done by an expert only so as to not hurt a woman.

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The working principle behind a diaphragm

Once the diaphragm is set in the place against the cervix, it works as a barrier against the male semen containing sperms. The reason why spermicidal jelly is used is that the dome does not fit snugly against the cervix in all the cases and hence to avoid pregnancy in case the dome fails to perform its task, jelly is placed inside the dome before sexual intercourse. As far as effectiveness is concerned, it has been found to be 84% effective in preventing pregnancy. When used in conjunction with a spermicidal jelly, the effectiveness of the diaphram goes up to 94%.

How to make use of a diaphram

Take the diaphragm in your hands after washing them with soap and water. Apply spermicidal jelly on the rim and inside the cup and then try to press the rim to make the dome go inside the vagina. Once it is high up inside the vagina, it fits snugly against he cervix I such a way that when a woman has sexual intercourse with her partner, the sperms are not able to find their way up to her cervix with the dome working as a barrier. To be on the safe side, the diaphragm has to be left inside the vagina for a period of 6 hours after sex. A diaphram is effective when it fits well inside the vagina of a woman. This means that the gynecologist has to take the measurements and recommend the right size of the dome to a woman.

Taking care of diaphragm

Good thing about barrier birth control methods is that the barrier can be removed when a woman is not having sex. The same applies to diaphragm which can be removed easily by placing fingers inside and pulling out the dome from the vagina slowly without hurting the vagina. If you do not know how to take care of my diaphragm, just wash the dome and dry it and then store it in a dark place so that you can easily make use of the device next time you need protection.

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What are the benefits of diaphragm is what many women ask. To begin with, it is not hormonal in nature and hence a very safe birth control method for most women.

  • A woman can carry the devise without the knowledge of her partner;
  • Breastfeeding mothers can also use female diaphragms;
  • Has no side effects;
  • Can be used as and when desired.


Known problems of diaphragm use

However, there are also some diaphragm problems such as it can be difficult for some women to insert the devise inside their vaginas. It is not suitable for use during periods and there are chances of vaginal diaphragm getting dislodged from it place by some sex positions.

Diaphragms are easily available at chemist shops in different parts of the world and they usually cost $15-$75 depending upon their sixe and the materials used in their making. You just have to ensure that you are a suitable candidate for a vaginal diaphragm before switching over to this birth control method.

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