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Birth Control Pills

Many people use so-called birth control pills to protect themselves from pregnancy. These pills are perhaps the most easiest way to make sure that there is no unwanted pregnancy, if you want to enjoy sex without the worry of getting pregnant. You should know that the other name of these pills is oral contraceptives. Sometimes they are combined with condoms, to ensure a greater probability of staying safe while having sex. Even if you haven’t had a direct sexual intercourse for a long time but you had a pseudosexual event like mutual masturbation or footjob then you also need to take the pill to be safe. This happens because of a long sperm life span outside men’s body. The current article will provide you all the information that you need regarding the pill.

How does the pill work

So what do these oral contraceptives do? These pills contain hormones that help to prevent against pregnancy. The pill contains two types of hormones called progestin and estrogen, what these hormones do is to control and stop ovulation. Ovulation is a process in females which releases eggs which when get in contact with sperms, creates a baby. When the process of ovulation is stopped, no eggs are released and without the interaction of the egg and the sperm and woman cannot get pregnant.

Another thing that these oral contraceptives do is to change the consistency of the cervical mucus. The hormones thicken the cervical mucus which protects the sperm from reaching the uterus by blocking the opening of the uterus. Moreover, the hormones also thin the lining of the cervix which also prevents the egg from getting in contact with the sperm. Hence the pill has three fold functions, as mentioned above.

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Is it really effective to use these pills

The effectiveness of these pills should be discussed so that one can make a more informed decision regarding their choice of a method of birth control. Different birth control measures have different effectiveness; hence one should choose the method that has the greatest effectiveness in order to prevent unwanted pregnancies. The amount of protection increases greatly if they are taken around the same time each day. One that the female has to do when taking these pills is that they should be taken every day in order to ensure increased amount of protection.

One more thing that the female can also do is to take the combination pill that contains both types of hormones mentioned above, instead of taking the progestin only pill. The combination pill that contains estrogen and progestin has a more powerful impact during sex. Before taking the pill, one should get in contact with your health care doctor, whether the pill will be the best option for you, since in some cases women who are overweight have shown less chances of protection. Hence, if you are overweight you should get in touch with your doctor to ensure protection.

You should also know that certain medication when taken simultaneously with these oral contraceptives may decrease the level of protection they provide. A few of the medications that should not be paired with these pills include the following medication:

  • HIV medication;
  • Anti seizure medication;
  • Yeast infection medications;
  • Rifampin, which is a type of an antibiotic. Only this particular antibiotic decreases the functioning of the pill;
  • St. John’s wort.
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Moreover it has been seen that diarrhea and vomiting may cause the pill to not work properly. In the case that you are taking the medication mentioned above, you should try to use some other birth control measure such as using condoms, diaphragm, morning pill or the birth control sponge. Also the pill doesn’t protect you from sexually transmitted diseases so if you want protection from them as well, you should pair the pill with a condom, which provides the ultimate protection from these sexually transmitted diseases.

When not to use the birth control pill

You should always get in contact with your doctor before you decide to use the pill as a form of birth control, since it can be dangerous to your health in certain conditions. You should avoid the use of these pills if you are suffering from the following conditions:

  • If you have breast cancer you shouldn’t use the pill;
  • If you have blood clotting problems you should never use the progestin pill;
  • You should never use the combination pill if the doctor has advised you bed rest;
  • If you start experiencing headaches or migraines;
  • If you have liver problems;
  • If you have heart issues;
  • If you are over 35 years of age;
  • If you are a smoker;
  • If you have a problem of blood pressure;
  • If you have lupus;
  • If you are diabetic;
  • If you have any type of organ transplant.


The numerous advantages of birth control pills

The birth control pills have numerous advantages over other method of birth control and include the following:

  • They make your periods less painful and lighter;
  • They protect against inflammatory diseases;
  • They may protect against infertility.
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