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Birth Control by Breastfeeding

Birth Control by Breastfeeding Women of today need control over their pregnancies as they want to enjoy sex, they want to move ahead in their careers, and they want to limit the size of their families to not face economic hardships. There are many methods of birth control available today to a woman but one that is available to only nursing mothers and is totally free of cost is breastfeeding. If the feeding baby’s age is less than 6 months, and the mom has not started to have her periods, she is not likely to become pregnant again. This has been found to be true in over 98% of the cases, and is called lactational amenorrhea by the medical fraternity. The baby must be dependent upon nursing only and not taking any supplemental food, not even a pacifier during this period of breastfeeding, if a woman desires to make use of this method for birth control.

Breastfeeding is a natural method to prevent another pregnancy


Breastfeeding and pregnancy are inter related, and as long as nursing mother does not start bleeding and the baby is exclusively dependent upon sucking his mother’s breast, there is only a 2% chance of becoming pregnant through intercourse. This compares well with contraceptive pills where a lady has 1-2% chance of conceiving. How effective is using breastfeeding as birth control is a question that gets answered by the following explanation. Thus it has to be remembered with lactational amenorrhea that the efficacy of this method lasts only as long as baby is dependent upon mother’s milk only. As soon as he starts to take supplemental foods, the protection goes down and the mother is exposed to the risk of conception and she has to consider other methods of contraception. Lactational amenorrhea method assumes following premises.

  • Baby is less than 6 months of age;
  • He is breastfeeding exclusively and not even using a pacifier;
  • The mother has not started to have her periods.
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Can you get pregnant while breastfeeding? Lactational amenorrhea cannot be a safe birth control method if these conditions are not met. How is breastfeeding used as birth control is a question asked by many. Nature has provided breastfeeding as a birth control method as fertility of a woman is most suppressed when there is no than 4 hours of a gap between breast feedings during a day and not more than 6 hours of a gap between breast feedings at night.

Basic principle behind breastfeeding as a birth control method

How does breast feeding prevent pregnancy is a question that comes to minds of millions of women. If you have doubts or are thinking, you are not alone. For women like you it suffices to say that when a woman is continuously breastfeeding, her body ensures that the hormone that helps in ovulation is not produced by the body. It is easy to understand that a woman cannot get pregnant when her ovary is not releasing eggs.

What are the benefits of using breastfeeding as birth control

As one can see, no conscious effort has to be made by a woman after the birth of a child to think of contraception as breastfeeding alone prevents another pregnancy. Talking of benefits, it is 100% natural and thus totally safe. No extra pill or hormone has to be taken by the woman and has to concentrate just upon breast feeding. Have a look at the following list of advantages:

  • No prescription is required;
  • Totally free;
  • No counseling or supervision is required;
  • Helps in stopping bleeding after delivery;
  • Provides instant protection against conception;
  • Antibodies from mother’s milk protect baby from infections and increase immunity;
  • Most nutritious food for the baby;
  • Breastfeeding is totally safe and there is no risk or health problem.
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If one were to ask what the disadvantages of using breastfeeding as birth control are, it can be said that it is only a temporary method of birth control as it is effective only as long as baby is not taking any supplemental food items and is totally dependent upon mother’s milk for his nutrition. Other disadvantages include less sensitivity in breasts and less vaginal lubrication.

Breastfeeding is a natural instinct

How do I start breastfeeding is a question that many teenagers and adult women ask. Breast feeding is such a natural instinct that no woman needs training for nursing her child. It comes naturally to a woman. However, if you are a first time mom and do not have an older relative or friend who has been a mother before, you can take help of magazines to know about various breastfeeding methods. There is no best method of breastfeeding and a woman can adopt any posture that she is comfortable with.

Now you know the answer to the question can you get pregnant while breastfeeding.

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