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Preparing to Fatherhood – What Do You Need to Know

When you are expecting

Preparing to fatherhood: what do you need to know When a woman gets pregnant, she experiences several emotions and changes in her life. But becoming a father has its own feelings and emotions and there are many things that he has to deal with. If you feel scared, shocked, overwhelmed or you was not really for it then don’t forget that you are not alone. It is a big change in your life as well as your partner life so both of you will need to make major adjustment. If you have not planned to pregnancy yet (half of pregnancies are not planned), then you will require to feel these emotions with more intensions.

You should not feel any anxious or guilty if you face with mixed emotions and it should be normal. It is good if you seek tips to get comfortable with your partner pregnancy, the idea of fatherhood and making some preparations that can help you to make it go as smoothly as it is possible.

Responsible fatherhood

If you are becoming father first time then you may not know about various factors that a good father should know that’s why there are classes of childbirth. There are some communities that offer classes for “first-time dads” so you can take these classes as no one is born having knowledge about this stuff and not even your partner who is pregnant. In some classes, you can also learn that how to change diaper of your baby, feed, hold and burp the baby, make your baby sleep and many others. As a responsible father, you should know everything. During your partner pregnancy, you should visit your wife doctor every time with her as you both are responsible to take care of your future baby. Your doctor can tell you how you can make your partner happy and healthy throughout pregnancy because health of your pregnant highly can affect your baby so you should take care of your pregnant partner as well.

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How to become a good father

If you think that you can get all parts of fatherhood magically at once then it is your time. You cannot tackle all things but with the passage of time and learning everything that require knowing as fatherhood, you can become a good father. Becoming father first time is something like you are getting some new role that you have to take in your future life. If you become a husband, you did not get familiar how to be a nice husband automatically. For this, you learned with time how the way you should go with your life partner.

So, you have much time before you teach your children how to drive, how to manage everything, how to dole out your relationship with wife and child and career advices. It will look like a natural development to teach your new child when they arrive in this world. If you think that you cannot tackle all situations then it is better to join any community that can give you complete guidance regarding your parenting responsibilities. These parenting classes may help you to meet and talk to other people having experience of fatherhood and you can discuss several issues with those fathers about your new baby.

Father and son

One of the most people relationships in this world is between father and son. Most people become so excited after hearing that they are going to become a dad of beautiful son. This relation is very important to handle properly because son needs more guidance from their parents as compared to daughters. Managing father and son relation is more difficult if you are going to become dad of a son first time. It is true that most people do not understand how to deal this relationship so you have to learn all ways before arrival of your baby so that you can teach him from the very first. Just like father and son relationship, father and daughter relationship is also very important. Little girls look like fairies and most dads want to become father of girls. For learning, you should join parenting classes during your partner pregnancy.

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Youngest father

Becoming a youngest fast is really hard enough. In teen age, you have to manage your school study, you have to listen to your parents, your work and your extra activities are also involved. In this situation, if you hear that from your girlfriend that she is pregnant then you will make it as a youngest father and to handle your duties, you should:

  • Accept that you are going to become a youngest father. Your girlfriend should make some tough decisions. She must think to stop going school for her future baby and consult doctor to take advice that how to take care of her baby. Of course she will fear and feel alone so you have to support her during pregnancy.
  • Forgive yourself that you have done and don’t feel bad. May be you have made a mistake in become father in this age but you baby is not your mistake.
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