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Genetic Counseling

It is possible to prevent conception of babies with inherited disorders

Genetic Counseling If you do not know what genetic counseling is, you are not aware of the amazing advancements science has made to find out if a baby born out of wedlock between two individuals would suffer from any disorders inherited from parents or not. In other words, it is today possible to know beforehand if the babies you will have with the person you are marrying will be normal and will not have any inherited disorders. Also called genetic disorders or ailments, these are diseases that could be avoided though around the world millions of babies with such disorders are still taking birth as either genetic counseling is not available to their parents or their parents are not aware of this amazing field of science.

One needs guidance and expertise of genetic counselors to arrive at the right decision

Genetic counseling programs are being conducted in major universities in all big metros of the world to prepare genetic counselors to help couples decide with confidence to go ahead with pregnancy and bring healthy, normal babies into this world. Genetic disorders are common in cultures where close relatives are allowed to marry as husband and wife. They are also feared when the mother to be is of more than 35 years of age.

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It is natural to have a desire to give birth to healthy babies

You and your wife may be of perfect health and age to bear healthy children but you never know whether you or your partner are carriers of genes of inherited disorders that could be passed on to your babies and they could be born with ailments for no fault of their own. Why bring those unfortunate babies in this world when there is a way to avoid their birth, even their conception? In fact, you should be thankful to science for giving you an option of going in for genetic counseling that was not there in the time of your parents.

One should not decide to conceive with fears in mind

If you one day suddenly decide to conceive after years of taking birth control pill, there is nothing wrong with it. In fact, this could be a decision that could bring a lot of happiness in your life in the shape of normal, healthy babies. However, knowing about genetic disorders, wouldn’t it be foolish to go ahead with pregnancy when you could have the peace of mind by ascertaining that your baby would be healthy and not one afflicted with genetic disorders.

There are scores of inherited diseases

There is a large list of genetic disorders that are passed on by the parents to their children unknowingly as there is some defect in their genes. If you want to know in simple terms, genes are very small units of heredity containing all the information about your traits and characteristics. These genes decide the functioning of your body. Talking of genetic or inherited disorders, though there are scores of these ailments small kids are born with, some of the disorders that are better known are spina bifida, sickle cell disease, thalassemia, cystic fibrosis, Down’s syndrome, etc.

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Genetic counseling programs are intended to produce genetic counselors who are professionals couples need to communicate with, if they are interested in avoiding giving birth to babies with genetic disorders. If you are about to marry a person, or are interested in conceiving and producing a baby, and have doubts regarding this decision, it is always better to find a genetic counselor who would evaluate your genetic history and ask you and your partner to go through genetic tests. These tests would reveal if there are chances of producing babies with inherited defects or ailments. These genetic counselors talk and help parents arrive at a solution as to what decision they should take in this matter. One thing to remember is that the results of genetic tests do not reveal facts in black and white and their deciphering in a language that couples can understand is the job of the genetic counselors.

Genetic counseling has helped thousands to avoid giving birth to babies with birth defects

When you decide to give birth, it is your duty to ensure you are in the best of mental and physical health. As for a mental health before pregnancy, try to find a nearest specialist in rational emotive behavior therapy and call him. This is a normal desire and many parents go through medical tests to ensure they give birth to healthy babies. However, this may not be enough as there are babies born with birth defect that are known as inherited disorders. Today, there is a way to avoid giving birth to such babies with inherited defects. In fact, one can know through genetic testing is there are chances of a baby born with a genetic disorder. Armed with this knowledge, it becomes easier to take a decision

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