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Common Fertility Myths

Common Fertility Myths Majority of the women do not pay attention before getting pregnant and they do not think enough about their pregnancy. It is also true that not every woman plans and tries to conceive and when ovulation happens then they think about pregnancy. While there are some couples, who buy ovulation kits, bbt thermometers and make proper planning of sex intercourse according to schedule but still, they do not get pregnancy. There are so many misconceptions regarding ovulation and also when to go for doing sex with partner. These myths about pregnancy and fertility and misconceptions may be the cause of keeping your partner from becoming pregnant.

Common fertility Myths

  • If you want to make your partner pregnant, they you should have intercourse after fourteenth day of your partner’s menstrual cycle. You might have heard that most women start evaluation on day 14 of their menstrual cycle but the really is it is not true all the time. Ovulation of a woman depends on strategies of the predicting ovulation of woman. If menstrual cycle completes in exact 28 days where your stage of luteal which is also the 2nd half of your complete menstrual cycle, would be of 14 days and you would start ovulation after day 14 of your cycle.
  • You should have intercourse 24 to 72 hours after you start ovulation. If you are planning to become pregnant, there might have various confusions in your mind about having sexual relations. People want to have intercourse near to the ovulation. Some people have sexual intercourse at the time of ovulation of after ovulation. There is a major problem by adopting this strategy that is once you start ovulation, your egg would not be able to survive for 72 hours and its life will last for 12 to 24 hours only.
  • If you think that you have started ovulation then you can have intercourse as many times as possible for you in one think. It does not harm you if you are busy all day long with sex on that day when you think that you are ovulating or you may not. Every menstrual cycle have almost 20 to 30 percent of chances that you will become pregnant.
  • There would be more chances that you are fertile on the day when your body temperature increases on BBT chart. BBT is a Basal body temperature chart that is very helpful for you if you want to getting knowledge about your menstrual cycle and to check whether you are ovulating or not but it is not the best way if you want to predict your ovulation. With the passage of time, you will feel that temperature of your body on the BBT chart (on which you already have ovulation) is increasing.
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God associated with fertility

One basic aspect find in the Mother Archetype is called as fertility Goddesses. The archeological searches a lot the Goddesses of early period all over the world and these earliest Goddesses considered the great mother creator as well as the Goddess of the mother. These great mothers have large breast to think that they have extra milk in their breasts. Moreover, they also have swollen belly in order to show the pregnancy.

Later on, the previous history of the Goddesses of fertility introduced the nature of the fertility of the earth. The Archetypes females are normally considered the mothers of diet of women and seen as the motherhood patrons. By the time, these Goddesses eventually started to differentiate themselves from each other and as a result, this represents the various different kinds of aspects of both natural world as well as female.

To get clear understanding, you can divide the Goddesses into 2 different categories. The first kind of Goddess is related to the fertility while the other category of Goddess associates with the Goddess having the childbirth and pregnancy. There are some kinds of Goddesses that are concentrated with the both categories of the mother. By making distinction between Goddesses, you can easily choose the Goddess that you really needs.

Fertility Goddesses

  • Ala
    It is a Goddess of mother which takes responsibility of fertility in human beings as well as animals.
  • Ajysyt
    Meaning of this Mother Goddess is birth giver. She examines every pregnant woman and then gives a soul to her future baby. After getting soul, her baby comes into this world.
  • Aka
    She is very old mother of Goddess.
  • Aphrodite
    She shows fertility in everyone.
  • Alemonia
    She has a responsibility of feotus feeding inside the womb.
  • Arianrhod
    She is a Welsh mother who is also associated with the fertility.
  • Aveta
    She is the Goddess mother of childbirth, fertility and midwives.
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Goddess of childbirth and pregnancy

  • Bast
    It was a cat which is headed with Goddess and provides fertility and childbirth.
  • Artemis
    She is a virgin Goddess who is responsible to give the childbirth because of the comfort of her birth.
  • Carmenta
    She is called as the Goddess mother of birth and prophecy.
  • Candeliferia
    She appears at the start of the child birth and guides your newborn baby in this world.
  • Diana
    Patroness of the nursing, childbirth and also healing.
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