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What is Egg White Cervical Mucus

What Is Egg White Cervical Mucus It is commonly known that the cervical mucus is a method to determine the stages of ovulation, and to determine the best time to have sexual intercourse. However, the cervical mucus stages are different, and each one of them gives you a clue about the possible measurements. There is a difference between the white mucus and the egg white cervical mucus, and you must make a difference if you want to determine the most fertile period of the month.

During a menstrual cycle, the cervical mucus suffers different modifications connected with its texture, density and volume.

Cervical mucus stages: first days after menstruation

Immediately after menstruation, a period that is also called “dry days” installs, and during this period, the secretion does not exist, and the vagina is dry. This mucus is completely different from the cervical mucus after ovulation. In this stage, the woman is not fertile, and it is unlikely for the woman to remain pregnant if she has sexual contacts during this period. This kind of cervical mucus only appears a few days before the ovulation, and we are talking about a different kind of mucus.

Second stage – “wet period”

If you have egg white cervical mucus, it means that you are in the “wet period” when the mucus is abundant, creating a light sensation of “wet” and discomfort. It can be easily observed on the underwear and on the toilet paper. The cervical mucus changes are complex, and it becomes a watery cervical mucus. This is the fertile cervical mucus that helps the sperm to find the ovule, and also fixes the respective ovule on the uterus.

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Third stage: after ovulation

Immediately after ovulation, the “dry days” will appear once more. During this period, the cervical mucus might be present, but we are only talking about a sticky mucus that is not useful. It is in fact cervical liquid combined with the rest of the dead ovule. Then, the dry period installs until the menstrual cycle begins once more.

Considering the different cervical mucus stages, a woman can determine when she needs to have sex in order to conceive. The wet days when the presence of white mucus is the beginning of the fertile period, but the most fertile period is the one in which the body releases the egg white cervical mucus. This is the most fertile period, and with the help of some natural treatments, you can increase the chances of getting pregnant to maximum.

The method is commonly used as a contraception method, but also as a sign of fertility. Therefore, women that want or don’t want to conceive can use those signs as effective methods for birth control. Considering the color of the cervical mucus after ovulation, a woman can determine that the ovule is dead, therefore sexual intercourse during this period could rarely lead to conceiving a child. On the other hand, some women suffer from what is called “fake mucus”. It means that the cervical mucus stopped to be produced by the organism, although the ovule is still alive. Therefore, the cervical mucus after conception is more like a guiding method, and it is not totally safe to rely only on this clue.

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One thing is certain: cervical mucus and ovulation are strictly connected, and every woman must understand those signs even since the first ages of menstruation.

An advantage of using the fertile cervical mucus method is that it does not depend on the regularity of the menstrual cycle. Besides the contraceptive purpose of this method, it also has the role of maintaining a good health in the reproductive area.

Some women might observe egg white cervical mucus before period. We are talking about some rare cases, but this could happen. In this case, there is no connection between the egg white cervical mucus and ovulation, and you should not be worried if it happens once. Only if it repeats for the second month or more, you must consult the doctor. There are no general accepted opinions about the fertility cervical mucus before period, but it is believed that this mucus is not fertile, especially in the lack of an ovule. Moreover, even if the cervical mucus egg white is able to fix some spermatozoids during this period, those spermatozoids will surely be killed during the elimination process of the dead egg during menstruation.

The fertile cervical mucous observation method was used for millenniums by women to determine the possibility of getting pregnant. Today, we have the modern methods at our disposal such as the cervical mucus fertile ovulation tests, and those tests can be safely used to determine the fertile periods. As a responsible woman, you must use all the methods at your disposal to know your body and to determine all those aspects about it.

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