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Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) Testing

Testing for sexually transmitted diseases

Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) testing Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) testing can be performed in variety of ways. Whenever, you consult your doctor to test for the STD, they will ask you some questions related to some risk factor that you face. They ask everything clearly in order to make assessment that what diseases you have so after checking all factors, they will start sexually transmitted diseases (STD) testing for those specific conditions. If you are with a new partner or you have more than one partner, then you should go for the gonorrhea and Chlamydia but STDs testing are normally performed according to the discretion of your consulted doctor. If you are pregnant, you should go for Syphilis screening. It is also recommended for those groups who have high risks including prison inmates, men who got high risks of sex with other men and patients having the other sexually transmitted infections. In case of absence of disease symptoms, doctors do not recommend syphilis test for people due to the high risks of the false positives. But if you know that you are caught with specific disease, you should speak up quickly.

STD’s testing: what is right for you

Sexually transmitted infections are very common these days, but there are several types of STDs testing that you need. Types of STD testing totally depend upon the risk factors that you face and similarly it varies from individual to individual due to different risk factors. So you should consult to doctor to examine that what is right for you if you have any sexual transmitted disease. If you are participating sexually with multiple bed partners then you might have heard a common advice several times that is use protections all time you are active sexually and always make sure that you get tested. This advice is very important because there are so many people who really don’t know about sexually transmitted disease (STD) but have it. There are many cases, when you have any kind of sexual disease but it does not show any symptom. There are only few sexually transmitted diseases that show signs and symptoms.

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Now the question is what types of STD testing you should go for. Which testing method do you need and how should you go for it? Answer for these questions totally depend on what is your age, what are your sexual behaviors and many other risk factors. If you are a female, don’t think that you are getting STD test every time if you have Pap test or gynecologic exam. So if you are thinking that you must go for the STD testing besides considering your age and gender then it is wise to consult your doctor and request from him. Don’t shy to describe anything that you should mention to describe your infections. Make a proper discussion with your doctor and tell him that what disease you think your might face. After that, you doctor would be able to advice you what you should do and how to do.

Home STD test

Most people think that home STD test does not actually work. So if you are worried that STD in complete privacy at home is not possible then you are thinking wrong. Research shows that quality of home STD test is often sketchy. Until now, home STD test is not approved for sale but it depends on where you live. Moreover, it is good if you want to save your money and you can order for some home kits for STD that are reliable and free to use. You can get free At-home STD test kits by simply a phone call or you can check their addresses through website. Kits are available free in Maryland, Philadelphia, Denver, Washington, Alaska, West Virginia, D.C and some other Illinois countries. So far, it is discovered that there are over 2600 women and over 900 men who have screened for the program.

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How to get tested for STDS

There is different testing for sexually transmitted infections. Below you will find how to get testing for STDs with gonorrhea and Chlamydia at any age.

Chlamydia and gonorrhea

You go for these testing if you are a girl and involved in sexual activities and you are below age 25. You will get screen with these if you are an older lady with above 25 age and you have risks of STDs. For instance, you got a new partner for having sex or you have multiple partners. This test is also for those men who are sexually active with men.

Both gonorrhea and Chlamydia is performed by taking urine test or though swab inside the men pennies or through the cervix inside women. The sample of urine is then sent in laboratory for analyzing. Screening for this is really very important. In case, you do not show any symptoms of signs regarding STD, then you can get awareness that you have this kind of infection.

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