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Preconception Health for Men

Preconception Health for Men Preconception health is not only important for women prior to pregnancy but men’s sexual health also play significant role in this regard. It is not only important for women to get fertile for pregnancy but responsibility of pregnancy is equally shared by preconception health of men also.

For healthy pregnancy it is important for both man and women to work on reproductive life plan. This plan will help to determine when you want to have children and how you are going to acquire your goals. This will also help you to set your goals in life and you can work on factors like planning for birth control, family planning, health of father and mother, pre conception health of man and women and so on. Planning these things can help you to maintain your health for right time.

Preconception health for men can help chronic disease prevention and also help to resolve various sexual health problems at right time. Sexual disorder in men can include various health problems like low sperm count, enhanced prostrate, itching testicles and many others. These all preconception health problems can be avoided by following steps.

Medical help for men sexual health

Medical help is something which should be immediately sought in case of any sexual health problem. It is also recommended to pay regular visits even in absence of any health problems as regular check up can help men to monitor health status. You should pass several medical tests for infections that can cause health problems to unborn child such as candida, group b streptococcus, and other sexually-transmitted deseases. Male urinary tract infections are a serious health issue affecting millions of men.

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The second thing is abstain from medicines as much as possible to maintain good preconception health. In case you are on some medication, you may need some alteration in medication prior to conception. Some medicines which are used for treatment of problems like urinary tract infection, ulcers, gastrointestinal problems, steroids used for arthritis, asthma and skin problems, chemotherapy and radiations can affect fertility of men adversely. Therefore, it is important to consult doctors if you need to maintain preconception health for pregnancy.

Eat healthy sleep well

Sperm count of men is also affected by eating habits of man greatly. Men with low sperm count should use natural fertility boosters to intake zinc rich food like eggs, cereals, meat, vegetables and seafood. Other foods to increase fertility are Selenium rich foods like Brazilian nuts and sea food can also help to enhance the fertility in men. Drink more water to reduce risks of high sperm acidity and semen allergy in women that are strongly related to it.

Our web-project present a lot of information about foods for fertility, and several fertility diet plans. Also it is strongly recommend to you to control your daily calories intake. Likewise, healthy sleeping habits can also ensure good men’s sexual health.

Avoid caffeine rich content

High caffeine intake can result in sexual health problems for men like low sperm count, spermmotility and abnormal sperms. Therefore, caffeine rich drinks like coffee, tea, colas and cokes should be avoided at any cost.

Say no to alcohol and drugs

People addicted to drugs and intake of alcohol exhibit fertility issues in men. Alcohol can lower zinc level in body and addiction to drugs like alcohol, marijuana and tobacco can reduce quality and count of sperms. Smoking habits can also interfere with sexual health of men; therefore, men should protect himself from smoking effects prior to conception of child.

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Genital organs should remain cool

It is important for men to keep testicles cool and using saunas, hot shower, electric blankets, hot tubs, fitted clothes and briefs can increase temperature of testicles. This can reduce sperm quality and also damage genital organs for men.

Cycling and men’s sexual health

As preconception care it is important for men to avoid cycling for long durations. It is due to reason that testicles can damage due to high level friction offered during cycling. This can cause injury of genital organs and men can face sexual health problem.

Avoid tranquilizers

Any medicines used for relaxation and sleeping purpose can also affect the sexual craving of men. Medicines used for this purpose like tranquilizers, sleeping pills can also affect the sperm quality of men.

Maintain healthy habits

Healthy habits which include healthy diet along with good amount of exercise can help men to maintain good preconception health. This will also help men to maintain good body weight and can avoid various medical complications. Men’s health diet should also comprise of soy and zinc can help to enhance sexual health of men to great deal. Try to regulate your nutrition by using a good diet plan and our calories calculator for free.


Multivitamins and fertility supplements can also help men to enhance their preconception health. Extra multivitamins can overcome any deficiencies in body. However, it is important to consult your physician prior to consumption of any kind of supplements.


Relax mind is key to healthy sexual body of men and women. It has been observed that stressed couples are unable to conceive for long. Therefore, it is important to keep your mind and body relaxed and stress free. This will also help to enhance the health of sexual health of men. With different medical institutes men can also receive preconception care services. These services will help people to determine their preconception health and with help of physicians they can also acquire professional recommendations on preconception health. Better preconception health will lead to healthy pregnancy and ultimately healthy child birth.

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