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Using Guaifenesin (Robitussin) to Increase Fertility Rate

What is Robitussin

There are several medications to treat home ailments that can help women to increase their fertility level. One of the most pressing medicines that cause this phenomenon is the Guaifenesin (Robitussin). For your information, this medicine has its mechanism of action that helps the person to cough out phlegm. It is an expectorant which is in a form of syrup that is commonly used to treat pneumonia and dry cough. The main component of this drug is Guaifenesin which actually promotes fertility. The main reason for this phenomenon is the ability of the main ingredient to improve the cervical mucus.

Effects and Mechanisms of Action of Robitussin

This mucus specifically helps the spermatozoa to easily penetrate from the vagina to the uterus. The life span of the sperm is specified according to the acidity of the woman’s reproductive tract. The spermatozoa fail to survive unless the cervical mucus is too fertile. The thickness and hostility of the mucus will block the spermatozoa from passing the vagina going to uterus in order for it to fertilize the egg cell (ovum).

A slippery and thin mucus of the cervix which normally takes place before the ovulation process will enhance the opportunity of getting pregnant. Most women have natural several amount of fertile mucus. Moreover, women are using other medicines for fertility such as Clomid will often acquire problems related to hostile cervical mucus. The hostility of the mucus is characterized by thins or little amount of stretchy cervical mucus (spinnbarkeit). The Clomid acts to block the estrogen receptors of the cervix. This female hormone plays a vital role in the production of the mucus from the cervix. Once the receptors of estrogen are blocked, the cervix will be prevented to produce fertile mucus. The Clomid causes dry mucus.

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The relationship of Guaifenesin is to enhance the effects of Clomid. The doctor will prescribed low dosages of estrogen or taking Robitussin while using the Clomid can enhance the fertility rate of the woman.

Since one of the main action of this drug is to thin the mucus or phlegm in the lungs it also has the same manifestations to the mucus in the cervix. As an expectorant, the drug helps the person to easily cough out the phlegm. However, the surrounding effect can also promote the fertility rate by helping the spermatozoa travels toward the uterus. Ideally, the most appropriate time to take the medicine is about five days before the process of ovulation. The women should record her menstrual period in order for them to identify the fertile days.

This calendar will help the mother to get the exact dates of ovulation. Through this, they will be able to maximize the potential of increasing the fertility rate while taking the Guaifenesin. Most women who are using the OPK or ovulation prediction kits are highly suggested to take the medicine for 2 to 3 days after they observe positive OPK. The recommended guaifenesin dosage is at least 2 teaspoons. It should be taken orally for at least 3 times in a day. This manner, the women can increase the potency of the drug when it comes to the fertility rate.

Possible Guaifenesin Overdose Manifestations

Furthermore, women who are taking this drug must also know the adverse reactions as signs of over dosage. One of the most common side effects of Guaifenesin is vomiting. However, the exact manifestations of drug overdose are unknown but there are no serious reported cases about the effect as well as the drug interactions of this drug towards other medications. There are no cases reported about the toxicity of the drug while taking alcohols but the effect will be more delirious.

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Women who take this drug for the sake of improving the fertility rate must bear in mind that this syrup may contain alcohol. Therefore, they need to avoid taking alcohols because it will hasten the effect and might lead to drug toxicity which is manifested by severe vomiting. The drug is compacted with combined products that contain other active ingredients which may cause several problems if taken in higher dosages.

Treatment of Robitussin Over dosage

The treatment of over dosage will require supportive care. This consist the common interventions that can alter the effect of the drug and to minimize the occurrence of dehydration brought by severe vomiting. Increase fluid intake or infusion of intravenous fluids will be required. The monitoring of the lungs and heart will be monitored.

In cases of over dosage, we highly suggest that women should seek immediate medical attention from their health care provider. This will prevent them from suffering of severed vomiting the can lead to dehydration. Moreover, the drug will also influence the viscosity of the cervical mucus which will be altered if the Guaifenesin is taken in large dosages.

To prevent this condition, they need to follow the prescribed dosage and frequency of taking the drugs. In case the manifestations start to occur, the drug regimen must be stopped and consult the doctor for alternatives.

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