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Use Progesterone Cream to Increase Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

Use Progesterone cream to increase your chances of getting pregnant The two main hormones of women are the estrogen and progesterone, and whenever an excess of estrogen in report with progesterone exists, the phenomenon called “the domination of progesterone” appears. The women with a low level of progesterone also suffer from a low level of vitamins, magnesium and zinc. The progesterone cream can solve this problem, but with so many fake and ineffective products available, you should try to find some alternative methods to treat this problem. One of them would be to use the natural progesterone cream a product that was proven as effective so many times.

Besides infertility, a low level of progesterone could lead to bleeding, a risk of spontaneous abortion, and even cancer. This is why it is important to treat this problem even if you don’t plan to conceive in the future period.

Is the Progest cream effective for this matter?

The progesterone supplements can be effective, but the natural products are recommended. Those creams are absorbed by the skin and tissues, increasing the chances of getting pregnant. Unfortunately, there is no quantity of X mg of progesterone daily recommended, as the dosage depends on the patient, but mostly of the results of the hormone balance test. If this test shows an abnormal report between estrogen and progesterone, the natural creams must be used to restore the hormone balance. If you have severe problems of this kind, a specialist might recommend you sub-lingual pills that will deliver the progesterone directly in the blood flux.

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Other methods to increase fertility

If those methods are ineffective in restoring the equilibrium of those hormones, some doctors might recommend hormone replacement. It is a complicated and risky technique; therefore, you will need strict assistance from the doctor. The natural ways of doing this is to use a root extract based on the plant of rice. The natural way is more effective and safe, as the natural hormone will remain in your body for a long time. It is true, the steroid hormone administrated by a doctor might be effective for a short term, but other functions of the organism might be affected.

Eating habits used to prevent estrogen dominance

Take care of your alimentation. You should consume meat and dairy products that will release free hormones in your organism. Take a look at your preconception nutrition. First of all avoid the foods with added hormones, as the level of estrogen will be raised because of this. Soya and conserving substances are known for their negative effect on progesterone. The root of Mexican Wild Yam is perfect to grow the level of progesterone, and you can surely find a progesterone cream made with this root. In fact, it is known as the best natural progesterone cream that has proven its effectiveness with many occasions.

If those foods and aliments are not enough to solve the problem, you can always combine it with the usage of Progest cream. Avoid certain plants such as some beauty teas that will grow the level of estrogen. Blueberries, sweet wood and Angelica – Dong Quai are only a few examples, but you should check the complete list of foods, plants and fruits that will lower your chances of getting pregnant.

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Warnings and specifications about using hormone creams for women

Take care with other cosmetic products that you use along with the hormone replacement cream. Some of them contain ingredients called xeno-estrogens. It is a hormone that resembles with estrogen, and they will provoke the same health problems. Try to find the progesterone cream free of sodium lauryl sulfate and tricosan, aluminum and phthalates. The natural progesterone cream is made only with natural ingredients, with no additives of this kind, therefore it is safe for you to use.

Habits and practices that must be changed

Not only the Progest cream is effective to increase your chances of getting pregnant. You should also reduce the level of stress. Take care of yourself and sleep a lot. Take care of your liver also. The liver is the organ responsible of decomposing the estrogen, so it could later be eliminated from your organism. Exercising is a great method to accelerate this decomposing process. The Vitamin B6, magnesium and aromatic plants will be able to accelerate this process, allowing the liver to work at an increased capacity.

A high level of progesterone will also help the women that suffer from the PMS syndrome. The natural way of increasing its level is to take if from the daily alimentation. The aliments that are rich in the B6 vitamin are yeast, tuna fish or other foods made with tuna, salmon, bananas and potatoes. Depending on the patient and the characteristics of the organism, those products must be consumed in certain quantities. The specialist of nutrition for fertility must be able to recommend you a strict diet that will not affect your lifestyle, a diet that is also useful to increase your chances of getting pregnant at the same time.

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