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Increasing Secretion of Cervical Mucus as a Chance for Easy Conception

The difference of cervical mucus after ovulation

Increasing secretion of cervical mucus as a chance for Easy Conception One of the main fertile signs is the cervical mucus. This has some important roles. First, this mucus forms like a cork that will prevent the bacteria and microbes from entering from the vagina to the uterus, that is a sterile environment, but it has another important role: by following the cervical mucus stages, a doctor is able to tell you if you are pregnant or not with an accuracy of 99%.

The fertile mucus has the same role as the one of the seminal liquid. The sperm needs a certain environment to live, and conditions to move and to reach maturity, or else, they will due. After the ejaculation releases sperm in the vagina, and from there, the sperm needs a safe environment just like the seminal liquid. The cervical mucus before conception prepares this environment, and if one of the spermatozoids (or more of them) reaches the uterus, changes of this liquid can be considered as cervical mucus at early pregnancy.

A woman is only fertile for a few days a month, therefore the body “needs” spermatozoids only during that respective period. This is why the cervix will start to secrete this liquid, and the respective mucus will protect the spermatozoids. The changes specific to stages of cervical mucus, such as an early cessation of this liquid from being released might be a sign of pregnancy. In fact, many women consider this as an aid in conception.

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The difference between the cervical mucus and vaginal secretion

While trying to conceive, many women make confusion between the white cervical mucus and the vaginal secretion. In fact, the cervical mucous can give different wrong ideas to the women, whether they want to be pregnant or not. But first, let’s see what the vaginal secretion is and why it can be confounded with hostile cervical mucus.

The secretion is better felt during sexual excitation, when there is no mucus present in the vagina. The vagina only looks like it is a little “sweated”. Many women rush to the drugstore to buy pregnancy tests just because some secretion was discovered around the vagina next day after a sexual intercourse, but they discovered that there was nothing to worry about. Even if it is not a secretion, and we are talking about mucus, it is probably infertile mucus, as the fertile mucus only appears two days a month.

Changes of the cervical mucus during the menstrual cycle and how to interpret it

During a menstrual cycle, the whole genital area might suffer because of the different cervical mucus stages. The cervical mucus after ovulation is released in smaller quantities, but some cervical mucus might remain there for more days. This is how the sperm can find a proper environment to develop even within a few days before the menstrual cycle. The cervical mucus before conception might be released in small quantities, but it will probably be released in small quantities during bladders, therefore the woman might not even observe this aspect. However, the cervical mucus early pregnancy could give important clues to the doctors about pregnancy.

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Cervical mucus ovulation and menstruation

At the end of menstruation, the mucus starts to dry. The vagina sensation is of dry. Although there might be some cases in which, at the end of menstruation, a transparent and slippery leak might be observed, this liquid can’t be confounded with cervical mucus and ovulation. This is in fact a liquid that forms the endrometer that has not finished eliminating the menstrual blood. In fact it is a part of the menstruation, only without bleeding. If this phenomenon installs, probably the quantity of fertile cervical mucus is small, therefore you should not be able to remain pregnant during this period.

What is cervical mucus before the period

A few days after the menstrual cycle, the uterus starts to secret the first mucus from the menstrual cycle. It is different of the cervical mucus during ovulation. This liquid exists in small quantities, and it is sticky and white. This is also a period when the woman is infertile, and you will need to have sexual contact during the latest stages of cervical mucus, when the ovule is prepared.

As the ovulation closes, the ovulation cervical mucus becomes transparent, wet and elastic (it can stretch a few centimeters on the fingers. The vaginal sensation is of wet. The period is really fertile, so you should take advantage of it.

The creamy cervical mucus is the best clue that you are fertile. It is important to know how to increase cervical mucus before this period to make sure you are ready. There are some pills that could do this, but take them only after strict surveillance of the doctor, or better, try the natural methods developed by our ancestors especially for this purpose.

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