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How to Increase Sperm Count

How to Increase Sperm Count

How to increase sperm volume

If you want to get pregnant then you will have to take care of several things and one of them is increasing the sperm count. So, are you ready to get pregnant? Wait! You should check your sperm count first.

One important goal that every man thinks is to increase ejaculate volume. They are looking for how to increase sperm

How to Increase Sperm Count
How to Increase Sperm Count
volume because ejaculating large semen volume is an excellent confidence of builder. Besides this, there are many other benefits if you try to increase semen volume. Getting sexual benefit is highly desirable for men. There are various methods that can help you to answer how to ejaculate more volume.

How to maximize ejaculate volume

The highest ejaculation volume reaches every 24 to 36 hours. It means that ejaculation reaches after first ejaculation within this period will contain a lower volume of ejaculation. This is the first step that you will have to notice in order to increase your sperm count.

  • Water indeed makes 98 percent of the complete ejaculate volume. So if your body does not contain enough water then it means that your body is not able to increase the volume of ejaculate. Instead, development of ejaculate volume will be decreased.
  • It is good for you if you do exercise of pelvic floor muscle as it can help you to stimulate the flow of blood to genitalia, which gives energy in order to increase the volume of ejaculate.
  • There are a lot of volume pills available in medical store. These ejaculate volume pills contain nutrients that are very helpful in producing more sperm and ejaculate. It is the easiest way to increase sperm volume.
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How to boost sperm tally naturally

Improving sperm count is very important for every woman to impregnate. Increasing the sperm count naturally is beneficial way and you can use them without any fear because they do not have any side effects. Here are some easy ways to improve sperm count and to increase your fertility. Have a look!

  • Keep temperature of your body down
    Heat is very harmful for woman and it prevents your body to increase sperm count. Temperature in testicles is almost two degrees less than your body. It is also reason why testes in your body are away from your body. So to get healthy lifestyle, you should take yourself away from heat.
  • Exercise in moderation
    Exercise is a very good habit makes your strong and perfect. It affects your overall health but if you have planned to get pregnant in future, do not go in gym to over train. It can give heat to your testicles and as a result, you can decrease sperm count in your body.
  • Drink a lot of water
    You should take plenty of water every day and have fresh foods for fertility that can help your body to remove toxins from your body. Drinking of a water will also reduce sperm acidity – one of well-known risk factors of allergic reaction to semen.
  • Take organic foods
    Organic foods as a natural fertility booster do not contain pesticides and other type of chemicals that can badly affect your sperm health. So if you are looking for how to increase sperm count, you should use take organic food regarding to your fertility diet plan as much as you can.
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Tips on how to increase sperm count

How to increase sperm count? This is most commonly asked question by men and women. If you have lower sperm count in your body then it means that you can face various problems in future. To get pregnant, your sperm count should be high. Here are few popular tips that you can adopt to improve your sperm count. After adopting any of these tips, you will find improvement in your sperm count gradually that is your major goal. Let’s have a look:

  • Take proxeed
    Proxeed is a supplement of preconception nutrition that is especially manufactures to optimize the motility, sperm count and other values of semen analysis. It is proved by expert doctors that proxeed can improve your sperm count up to 80 percent.
  • Look a Lapdesk while using laptops
    As you know that laptops create much heat and increase the scrotal temperature. If you place laptop to your knees then you should use LapDesk for transferring heat from your testicles.
  • Eat food that contains healthy fats
    By taking the fatty foods, you can destroy your health and this phenomenon also applies for your sperm count. Well! By taking the fatty acids (ETA’s) you can increase the production of your healthy sperm. By the way, we have an online calorie calculator for you to compare your real daily calories intake with ideal!
  • Eat brazil nuts
    To improve your sperm count, it is good idea to pick up Brazil nuts in your food. According to research, Brazil nuts are rich source of selenium. Selenium is a mineral that is capable to increase your sperm count and to increase the mobility of sperm.
  • Stop smoking
    As everybody knows that any kind of smoking can effect on your health badly. The worst effect in men due to smoking is infertility. So try to avoid smoking if you are searching answer for question how to increase sperm count.
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If you have understood all techniques mentioned above and you have started to follow them, you will get a chance to increase to sperm count that is a major problem for you.

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