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Modern and Safe Fertility Diet

Modern and Safe Fertility Diet

It doesn’t look appropriate to be talking about fertility diet considering how easy it was to conceive and give birth to babies only a few decades ago. If we take a look at the average size of a family a century ago we would find that a female produced 4-5 babies easily in sharp contrast to today when giving birth to 1-2 babies is the norm

Modern and Safe Fertility Diet
Modern and Safe Fertility Diet

and there are an ever increasing number of cases of infertility forcing experts to discuss fertility diet and fertility foods. If infertility was an exception then, it has become a common problem today. Believe it or not, there is talk about even preconception diet to have healthy and intelligent babies. You should also read about polycystic ovarian syndrome diet to be ready for everything!

Wrong foods as one of the infertility factors

There are many factors that go together or are at least interlinked together to cause the problem of infertility. First of all, infertility is the inability to get pregnant even after one year of unprotected sex with partner. There can be many physical causes such as cervical problems, ovulatory problems, pelvic problems, pcos, uterine problems, hormonal problems, and so on. But in this article, we will keep confined with the changing diet and its effect on fertility. There has been a lot of research that has gone into studying diet and its effect on conception, and it has been found that there are certain foods that can increase the chances of a woman becoming pregnant while there are also foods that can harm the chances of conception of pregnancy.

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It is no secret today that when couples make lifestyle changes that include changes in foods consumed, they increase their chances of conception. The role of fertility diet in solving the problem of infertility is being explored even further with different foods being examined through this angle. Proper nutrition is a must to avoid various ailments, and if infertility can be considered an ailment, adding certain foods to our diet and deleting others that can harm our chances of conception can easily be understood. As diet can affect fertility directly, devising an eating strategy may not be out of place. Eating too much can lead to obesity while eating too less can lead to starvation.

We all know the importance of essential fatty acids in the functioning of our bodies and how beneficial they are for keeping certain ailments away. But recent research has also thrown light on them being a natural way to fight infertility. Consumption of fish oil that contains high amount of Omega 3 fatty acids has been proved to be helpful in fighting disorders and improving chances of conception. If you loved ice cream just for its taste, there is an added reason to eat it more. Recent research has found that high fat dairy foods improve upon the chances of conception. A diet rich in ice cream has the ability to lower the risk of one type of infertility.

Insulin levels and infertility

High insulin levels in body have been found to be coming in way of pregnancy of women. Lowering insulin levels in obese women has been helpful in letting them ovulate and become pregnant. Cut down on your beef and start to replacement in your diet with plant protein as much as possible as it has been proved that protein from meat reduces fertility while protein from plant sources increases fertility.

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Hormonal balance plays a big role in conception

It is no secret that hormonal imbalance causes infertility and has emerged as one of the top reasons of infertility. Eating foods that do not cause any imbalance of hormones and instead help in hormonal balance may be a good idea to be able to conceive as quickly as possible.

Concentrate on foods that increase fertility

Rather than confusing your mind with too many things and foods, it is better to make a list of foods that have been recommended fo0r boosting chances of fertility and try to include them in your daily diet. Knowing which foods boost your chances of conception is a good idea. Just try to include these fertility foods in your fertility diet and remain free of all worries to conceive as quickly as possible. Vitamins and minerals good for health must be taken when one is trying to conceive. Orange juice, being full of vitamin C, has been fund to be helpful in this regard.

Health before conception is important in deciding the health of the baby to come. You can calculate date of conception to know it accurately, and change your nutrition with the appropriate diet plan, so you will be totally ready to a planned conception. This is what the proponents of preconception diet seem to suggest when they recommend proper nutrition before conception. Many women who are unable to conceive never think of their diet that plays such an important role in conception. Remember, what you eat after conception for sound health of the baby is just as important as what you eat when trying to conceive. So pay attention to pre pregnancy diet as well.

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