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When Should I Take a Pregnancy Test

When Should I Take a Pregnancy Test

It is natural to be anxious to know about one’s pregnancy status

If you have stopped taking birth control pill as you felt now is the time to conceive and give birth to a baby, you are indeed hoping for everything to fall in place so that you become pregnant and have a chance to add to your family. In real life, everything is not so rosy and millions find that getting pregnant is not all that easy and natural as it seems in the case of others.

If you are desirous of becoming pregnant and becoming a first-time mom, obviously, you are not experienced and do not know about all the signs and symptoms of pregnancy. Gynecologists commonly encounter the question of when to take a pregnancy test. This is a question almost every woman who is ready to become a mom has in her mind.

It is more difficult for first time moms

If when you can take a pregnancy test seems like a mystery to you as you are going to conceive for the first time and you do not have an experienced friend or relative at home to help out, you can always use the internet to learn all about it.

When Should I Take a Pregnancy Test
When Should I Take a Pregnancy Test
Even for those with questions like how soon can I take a pregnancy test or how early can I take a pregnancy test, there is enough information on the internet to feel confident about their conception.

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If waiting for 14 days since ovulation is not possible, take a home pregnancy test

In general, all ladies know that missing their periods is a sure sign of something amiss and also a sign of pregnancy. When you are trying to conceive, it becomes hard to wait for the good news and to wait to see if the periods have been missed seems like an eternity. Is it possible to ascertain your pregnancy from home even before you know that you have missed your periods? When can I take a pregnancy test depends on the test you plan to take. The level of hormone hCG is what is tested at labs to ascertain pregnancy in women. The level of this hormone can be tested using blood or a woman’s urine. Now the blood sample is checked at a lab whereas there are DIY kits available that allow a woman to check through her urine if she is indeed pregnant.

Actually these tests make use of a substance that changes color when it sticks to hCG. For those who do not know, hCG is human chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone that is produced soon after a woman becomes pregnant. This hormone helps in the production of progesterone and estrogen in the body of a woman. A woman’s body starts to produce hCG 7-9 days after fertilization when the baby gets implanted in the uterine wall. So the answer to how early can I take pregnancy test lies in how soon the body begins to produce hCG. How soon can I take pregnancy test thus depends upon production of hCG in the body and this can be confirmed through any home pregnancy test.

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There are many highly sensitive home pregnancy test kits available in the market

Here is some useful information about pregnancy test sensitivity. More sensitive the urine test is, lower levels of hCG can it detect in the body. Thus, how early I can take a pregnancy test depends on how sensitive the urine test is. Most urine test kits available in the market are sensitive enough to accurately tell if you are regnant around 2 weeks after ovulation, which is about time when you are supposed to have or miss periods. These days, ultra sensitive urine tests are available in the market that can detect very low levels of hCG in urine. When can I take a pregnancy test is now possible within 7 days of ovulation rather than having to wait for 14 days or the time when you normally have periods. However, doctors still suggest to wait for 14 days past ovulation to have confirmed news about your pregnancy.

When are pregnancy tests accurate?

Doctors suggest that 14 days past ovulation reveals pregnancy far more accurately. For couple who cannot wait that long, there is of course the choice of knowing about it through more sensitive pregnancy tests within 7 days of ovulation. Pregnancy test result with home pregnancy test kits is available instantly and there is no waiting period. A positive pregnancy test reveals the presence of hCG in urine, and in most cases, a pregnancy test will detect the presence of hCG only when the body is producing it. Learn more about the number of instances and conditions of false positive pregnancy tests occurrence. Negative pregnancy test means no presence of hCG and thus implying that the woman has not conceived yet.

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